Monday, April 13, 2009

Dresses and Ways to Look Skinnier

I weigh more than 110 pounds but I have unwanted bulges on my belly and legs. When I gave birth to my kid, I simply did not have the regular time to exercise. But, somehow I hide all the unwanted lumps by the kind of dresses that I wear. You may find the tips below helpful.

1. Find the clothes that fit well and comfortably. Wearing too loose will indeed make you bigger but sporting tight ones will emphasize all the lumps.

2. Use accessories to highlight your big points and keep the vision of others away from areas you would rather hide.

3. Use a corset or any size - reducing technique that can conceal the unwanted bulges or even prevent you from increasing your size. Study showed that corset nowadays can indeed improve weight reduction.

4. Use a full one color dress to make you appear thinner. You can use a belt to give a vision of sexy curves. This trick did well on our customer who fit well on a green dress.

5. Use sexy shoes to complement your dresses. Wearing an open-heel stiletto can also boost sexiness and make not your calves wider.

6. Have a positive attitude of yourself. Feeling sexy will add more value to your personality and the clothing style will only complement this.

I hope these few tips can help. But, we can always find other means to contain or prevent unwanted weight. Why don't you try that long over due exercise, healthy diet, or safe weight loss pills? We want ways that are more permanent and sustaining anyway.