Saturday, April 18, 2009

Exude Sexiness from Big Sizes Clothes

When we started with our fashion boutique, we only had clothes for smaller people since my sister Tammy and I are of smaller built. Consequently, we purchased stuffs that would fit well on us. We failed to buy for bigger body frames. Our customers then would look for bigger clothes but elegant, chic and sexy ones for them to boost.

Few of the bigger clothing sizes

So, Tammy would search for sexy but bigger size of apparel and bigger sizes of shoes. Now, we cater to wide variety of body sizes and we are just happy that we have the items our customers search for.

I have to scout for bigger clothes now since I went from size 1 to size 3 again. However, I really need to exercise, to diet and to take weight loss product for me to fit on my old clothes.