Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting a Smaller Clothing Size

In my previous post, I complained of my unexpected weight. It is only now that I seem to really look at myself and observe the unwanted lumps on my arms and belly bulges. I am back to my regular size of 3. This means I have to dispose all my size 0 and 1 apparel for wider clothes. I just could not imagine the price I have to burden myself with buying new sets again.

I was once active in playing badminton and jogging. But, with a busy schedule from work, business and school, I always the excuse not to exercise.

So now, I pledge to drag myself out of bed every morning and hit the road for a regular jog. I have to start considering nuphedra as a safe fat burner and weight loss supplement to compliment my exercise. I have to really work on this weight problem as it dampens my confidence and makes me not at all healthy.