Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Natural Source of Fashion

A model sporting the Barong Tagalog

The fashion hype that is most notable that I personally like are the ones from Mother Earth. We are quite endowed with beautiful gifts that given the right technique or mechanism, we can actually transform natural beauty to classic and elegant taste.

Take for instance the BARONG TAGALOG of our country, Philippines. This is the national formal attire for men. Adopted from, Barong Tagalogs are weaved from these natural sources:

Piña fabric - is hand-loomed from pineapple leaf fibers. And because Piña weavers in the Philippines are dwindling, its scarcity makes the delicate Piña cloth expensive and is thus used for very formal events.

Jusi fabric - is mechanically woven and was once made from abacca or banana silk. Today, China is the main source of polyester Jusi.

Banana fabric - is another sheer fabric used in formal occasions. Made and hand woven from banana fiber, it usually comes with geometric design details. This fabric hails from the Visayas island of Negros.

Piña-Jusi fabric - is the latest barong fabric that just came out of the market and is gaining much popularity. With the sheerness of pineapple fibers and the strength of the jusi fiber, this "new" fabric blend offers the market the same formality needed on special occasions at a more reasonable price range.

A number of beautiful handcrafts are also exported by the Filipino artists which include jewelry from shells, stones, and beads.

I can say life is more beautiful and colorful by these natural treasures like arrowwood viburnum that we are inspired to create unique and creative crafts from them.

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