Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Fashion Use on Inline Blades

My kid, just having nice fun on his new inline blades

The rest of the gang

Hitting the ground to the nth time (hahahahah!)

Silly me on my new inline blades

I am 31 years old and just learning how to use inline blades. We woke up quite early this morning so we could first try the inline blades recently given to us. My kid and sister were equally happy with all the falls and the runs we all had.

I was on shorts and tops but I extremely regretted my get-up when I had to hit the rough road several times and had scratches. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I have to still sport my fave watch and accessories to at least make me lady-like while waggling my way.

We shall have our practice again tomorrow. I just hope I will learn soon since my kid and younger sibling were getting used to the blades. Hahahhaha!

We must of course, consider wearing safety pads the next time we hit the road with our inline blades.