Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sisters' Fashion

On typical days, we are on shirts and pants only
with my sisters, Ann and Tammy

On wacky days, we are fashion models-wannabe

My other sister, Xeria is simply on loose shirt while
the elders are fashion sport (hahahhaha)

Would you agree that family members share the same taste for practically almost everything?

My family is a typical illustration of this. We love the same food particularly the Chinese ones, like siomai, siopao and pancit, our favorite fruit, durian, our own gadget, TV with our tv stands , Korean movies, our computers and routers and more.

Normally, we are only on tee - shirts and pants and flip flops. But, Tammy and I have this silly habit of wearing our own mood for clothes. If my mood calls for rugged and wacky taste, I sport on my rubber shoes, loose pants and shirt and sling bag. However, if I feel so lady - like, I am usually on my summer dresses, Havaianas slippers, and accessories. Our friends would normally praise us and our taste but we are simply happy sisters on happy mood.