Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slimmer Clothes for Smallest Waistline, Anyone?

I have been wanting to reduce my weight from size 3 to size 1 again ( if 0 is possible, then I would rather have this size). But, having a family who likes to eat a lot and with dormant exercise habit and constant blogging, I simply don't have the time and muscle to nudge my butt and hit the running track again.

I am back to a size 27" waistline again (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!). Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I have to do something about this weight by any safe means like appetite suppression . It seems like my nose is always sniffing for sumptuous food. Goodness! How I can possibly control this?Cathie Jung with 15" waistline
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But, if I envy smaller waistline, wait till you know 70-year old Cathie Jung who has the living record for smallest waistline of 15 inches. This was made possible by years of regular corset use making her body shapes like an hour glass.

However, deceased Ethel Granger still has the record of the smallest waist of just 13 inches.