Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Summer Flip Flops

Our store's summer flip flops

To complement our summer fashion apparel, we sell these quality outdoor sandals and authentic Havaianas. We only sell the Authentic Havaianas since a number of stalls and stores sell the copycats instead at very very low prices.

We ran short now with the Havaianas stocks because of the demand by the buying public. We shall however, order for more 2009 latest edition supply.

Flip flops are quite hot picks in the Philippines that in spite economic hardened life, there are still a good number who invest on them.

This is still a wise investment, since original Havaianas flip flops last longer than the cheap ones. I have my first pair which is now a year older, but still, the stuff's sole is as good as the first time my sister bought it.

I have to conform that we really demand quality, price must be least of our concern.