Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Want a Healthy Bigger Fashion Boutique

We only started with our humble boutique and it is simply a small area where we can display our stuffs. It is a small area in the very nook of my parents' furniture store but visible from the busy road.

We constantly change our display window for something we personally love so, the viewers may also appreciate our display. Normally, the common passers drop by our store and get the display right away.

Since we have our mall exhibit for almost a month now, we really want a bigger space in the most accessible and visible area. But, we want a place that will not cause mesothelioma since there are construction materials produced before 1990 like cement tiles, floor tiles, gaskets and joint compounds among others that contain asbestos. This element is known to cause abdomen and lung cancers. We want to earn from our fashion boutique but not at the expense of our health or our clients'.