Monday, May 25, 2009

The Lacy - Panty Me

You Are Lacy Panties

You're one seductive chica, but you've also got a ton of class.

You are like a pinup girl, with timeless beauty and sexiness.

Men are afraid to talk to you, knowing they'll be addicted to your charm immediately.

Only a true manly man, confident in himself, is your perfect match.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Be Endowed With the Rarest Blue Diamond

The $9.5 million blue diamond source:

This rarest rectangular-shape blue diamond is the most expensive to enter the international market, priced at 10.5 million Swiss francs ($9.49 million) for 7.03 carats. This is highest payment for every carat.

The diamond was the center piece in the semi-annual sale in Geneva conducted by David Bennett, chairman of Sotheby's jewelry department in Europe and the Middle East.

Read here for the full report.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Beautiful with a Cause

MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH 2009: Sandra Seifert (Negros Occidental)
Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism and Miss PAGCOR: Adie Adelantar
(Victorias City)

Miss Philippines-Fire and Miss Science and Technology: Patricia Marie Tumulak (Quezon City)
Miss Philippines-Air: Michelle Martha Braun (Aklan)Miss Philippines-Water: Catherine Loyola (Fil. Sydney)

Just recently, 2009 Miss Philippines Earth beauty pageant conducted on May 10, 2009 at The Arena Entertainment and Recreational Center for the People, San Juan City, hailed the most beautiful from among the 50 lovely contestants.

The pageant crowned Sandra Inez Seifert, hailed from Negros Occidental, shall represent our country in the 2009 Miss Earth competition.

This is indeed a beautiful way of becoming socially conscious and promoting environmental preservation and make-over.

Congrats to the winners and organizers. Visit their official website for more photos and press updates.

What is Your Sleepwear?

I am not at all sexy on my sleep since I prefer pajamas and shirts instead. But, some ladies still prefer sexiness and comfort while on slumber that they prefer camisoles, baby dolls, chemises or simply, the two - piece garments. Whichever is the preferred option, I am pretty sure, it is always a matter of convenience and comfort.

And since, we have a store of all sorts, from shirts, dresses, pants to lingerie and shoes, I asked my parents in Wisconsin to check also this very nice website, They have wide collection of sexy and appealing clothing line to include lingerie, party costumes, hosiery, swimwear, sleepwear, shoes and chain mails at very very low prices. The discount rates for these Sexy Womens Lingerie among other things are simply amazing that they are reduced up to 75%. Indeed, these are great buys at this time of economic recession.

I did check if shipping can be made outside USA, and I was only excited since Philippines among the many destination countries, is included in their list. I am pretty sure, our customers would love to see more beautiful sexy stuffs at much lower rates.

More importantly, there are plus sizes for bigger women, so no one is really left behind from this great online shop. And if you are not satisfied, they guarantee a return policy for refund, exchange or credit.

This site really offers worth for every penny we will pay. This site is really worth a try.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Fashion Store Needs More Mannequins

My sister, Tammy is in Manila with my nephew. She is expected to bring in the Havaianas we ordered from Brazil and get good stuffs like our mannequins.

Our store is simply along the road but quite far from the big malls here in General Santos City. Consequently, we want the bypassers to notice our store that we display randomly our stuffs on our mannequin displays.

But, we need a full body size mannequins so that we can dress them well with our pants, dresses and bags among other things.

I only hope Tammy will get good ones though.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maternity Fashion Tips

When I was pregnant with my son, I was too conscious with what I would wear. I simply felt so insecure with the swollen legs and lethargic aura. Hahahhahaha! But, since I was also teaching, I had to at least remain presentable and to exude beauty in spite of the belly lump. I personally believe that the pregnant are the most beautiful.

So, let me share these practical maternity fashion tips:

1. wear comfortable and not too loose dresses so not to appear bigger.
2. sport on light make up to exude glow of life and charm.
3. wear flat or shorter - heeled shoes or sandals to avoid leg pains.
4. go for cotton and cool fabrics.
5. for leg support, stockings and elastic pants or leggings can help out.
6. for non-office attire, sport on sleeveless and/or shorts stuff (sexy will be your next name,hahahha).
7. enhance appearance by wearing lovely fashion accessories.
8. Your tip here. . .

It is always fun to have that feeling of warmth and security. I remember I had to apply my maternity leave as soon as I knew I was pregnant. No wonder Blue Cross North Carolina health plans are popular among security conscious.

Beautiful and Sexy at 50

I pretty adore women who in spite of their age can still take care of themselves and remain beautiful. Although, some women go through medical surgery just to take off those unwanted wrinkles and bulges.

But, recently, Zimbio released its 50 sexiest women at 5o years old and they have the list below.

Zimbio's 50 Sexiest Women Over 50:

50. Katey Sagal
49 Jessica Lange
48. Sigourney Weaver
47. Pam Grier
46. Leeza Gibbons
45. Janice Dickinson
44. Debbie Harry
43. Queen Noor of Jordan
42. Chrissie Hynde
41. Cassandra Peterson
40. Geena Davis
39. Joan Allen
38. Kim Cattrall
37. Susan Lucci
36. Cher
35. Ellen DeGeneres
34. Jane Fonda
33. Tina Turner
32. Susan Sarandon
31. Katie Couric
30. Lynda Carter
29. Dorothy Hamill
28. Beverly Johnson
27. Mary Steenburgen
26. Goldie Hawn
25. Ellen Barkin
24. Sophia Loren
23. Raquel Welch
22. Suzanne Somers
21. Olivia Newton-John
20. Peggy Lipton
19. Rene Russo
18. Sharon Stone
17. Ann Curry
16. Diane Sawyer
15. Cheryl Tiegs
14. Angela Bassett
13. Joan Jett
12. Jaclyn Smith
11. Sela Ward
10. Kim Basinger
9. Andie MacDowell
8. Jane Seymour
7. Madonna
6. Helen Mirren
5. Christie Brinkley
4. Iman
3. Jennifer Tilly
2. Michelle Pfeiffer
1. Holly Hunter

Among these ladies, I personally favor Holly Hunter, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kim Basinger, Rene Russo, Geena Davis and Kim Basinger. Do you favor the list?


Hot Swimwear Competition

The contestants on their swimwear

The next lady contestants (hahahahahh!)

The girl - bloggers here in General Santos City, Philippines recently joined the San Miguel Beer Search for Swimwear Model. And since Lainy's brothers were featured as the guest band, we simply had great time on our patio chairs enjoying the lovely contestants and their attire.

I had my personal favorites among the ladies but the rest were simply trying hard on their ramps that my girl friends and I wish to replace them.hahahahahha!

But, I adore some goddess costumes that they wore. Perhaps, in my next post, I can write about their amazing costumes.

More Havaianas Flip Flops On The Go

Real Glow- in - the - Dark Havs

One of the saleable stuffs we have are the authentic Havaianas flip flops. From our mall exhibit for over a month, we had sold more than a dozen of pairs. Now, we are expecting more of 2009 edition of Glow - in - the - dark Havaianas slip ons and other slim flip flops.

We bought one for a family member and he simply like this reflectorized markings on his slippers.hahahhaahha!

As soon as those stocks would arrive from Brazil, our expectant customers will soon fill the store.

More Fashion Store Stocks on Their Way

I have been writing in my old posts that we get some of our stocks from US through our family members there. Now, we are expecting another box of signature bags, clothings, footwear and more to arrive this June.

Our avid clients are on hold though to wait for this box' arrival. My US family has to travel to different parts of US just to scout for best buys that we can sell in our fashion store.

We are pretty excited however to see them again for a vacation here in the Philippines. I heard they wish to go to other countries and have a fun Machu Picchu travel . I hope that we can join them in this country hopping. My kid will surely love to visit Disney's World for one.

Fashion Store Gets Remodelled

After our store exhibit in Gaisano Mall - Gensan, we have boxes of shirts and other stuffs to keep and since our old store is only a small sanctuary, I have asked my family to maximize the space.

Now, we have layers of hangers and stuffs to fill in the space. We removed fixtures too to have a more conspicuous view of the store from inside and out.

I hope before my sister, Tammy, shall bring the new stocks, we can sell some old stuffs to have bigger space. I am keeping my fingers crossed then. Hahhahaah!

Bleak Fashion Store, Draining Days

I recently had written about the bleak sales we have from our fashion store. We do have occasional customers who ask around but buying customers are not really a handful. I simply fill the waiting days with movie marathon while my kid plays with his computer games.

With no masteral class to fill my weekend, I was somehow lethargic that I really need a  vacation. Come this Sunday, we will hit the road and go to one of the resorts in Gumasa, Glan. I heard the beaches are of white sand and with splendid scenery.

I really need some energy recharging before the semester of teaching and schooling will hit again this June.

I really hope the sales will pick up steadily too.

Contest Blog Shirt Giveaways

The black shirt that goes with its white version and native necklaces as giveaways.

I recently joined the contest of Lainy as a contestant and sponsor. There were great writers with great and touching stories. I am just quite honored to meet some of the contestants and have them as new friends.

Just yesterday, I sent over 3 shirts and native necklaces to Zorlone, who won the grand prize. I just wish he would love the shirts. Congrats Doc! I will always remember your strength and passion.

Tattoo As A Fashion Accessory

I basically admire tattoo but I wont actually wear one. I simply like to see them on someone else's limbs. Tattoo is typically an expression of idea, thoughts or emotions. British famous soccer player, David Beckham has nine individual tattoos, all with meanings of love and admiration for his wife, and kids. His wife, former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, also has complementary tattoo of the dates of their wedding renewal.

Some actors and actresses wear tattoo like a fashion accessory; the same way we wear necklaces, earrings and bangles or clothings. Angelina Jolie alone has a fair share of tattoos.

I had my artificial tattoos before. I remember I would use pen marks or custom rubber stamps on my arms. Now, that I am older, it is actually my kid and nephew who would sport on stick - on body tattoos.

Best Dressed Philippine Women

I only viewed fashion and its beauty on actresses and actors on screen but I honestly know that beautiful women are those who are on the streets and behind the camera.

Philippine Preview Magazine hailed the best dressed women for last year. The following are in their top 10.

1. Angel Aquino
2. Tweetie de Leon - Gonzales
3. Isabelle Daza
4. Katrina Lobregat
5. Ria Bolivar
6. Solenn Heuseff
7. Mai Kauffman
8. Crystal Osamis
9. Joyce Orena
10. Anna Angara


Bleak Fashion Store

We are back to our old store and the sales have been very bleak. There are indeed days that not even a single sale is made. We consume the days by simply watching movies and attending to potential customers.

We hope to have improved and steady sales in the coming days. The economic crisis is really beating on everyone especially these days. I only hope we can still get savings from our fashion store and check for term life insurance rates for possible insurance investments.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Are Swimwear Models (Wannabes)

These are the lovely top - five finalists on their swimwear. Who is your bet?

The contestants on their casual attire.

The wannabe models: Jhonel, Me, Vyne, Lainy, Star, Twinks and Tammy

The Wacky Sisters

Last Saturday, a night before my sister, Tammy, would leave for Manila, the other girl-bloggers here in Gensan watched the San Miguel Beer Search for Swimwear Model. And since the Kuerdas band filled the night with their reggae songs, we were only enjoying the evening. Of course, we could not help but critic the contestants and the disturbing emcee. LOL!

We went home around 2 am but never really finished the contest since it was way past our bedtime. Hahhahah! But, we indeed had great fun and we will make sure that there will be a next night cap when my sister gets back.