Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Beautiful with a Cause

MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH 2009: Sandra Seifert (Negros Occidental)
Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism and Miss PAGCOR: Adie Adelantar
(Victorias City)

Miss Philippines-Fire and Miss Science and Technology: Patricia Marie Tumulak (Quezon City)
Miss Philippines-Air: Michelle Martha Braun (Aklan)Miss Philippines-Water: Catherine Loyola (Fil. Sydney)

Just recently, 2009 Miss Philippines Earth beauty pageant conducted on May 10, 2009 at The Arena Entertainment and Recreational Center for the People, San Juan City, hailed the most beautiful from among the 50 lovely contestants.

The pageant crowned Sandra Inez Seifert, hailed from Negros Occidental, shall represent our country in the 2009 Miss Earth competition.

This is indeed a beautiful way of becoming socially conscious and promoting environmental preservation and make-over.

Congrats to the winners and organizers. Visit their official website for more photos and press updates.