Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maternity Fashion Tips

When I was pregnant with my son, I was too conscious with what I would wear. I simply felt so insecure with the swollen legs and lethargic aura. Hahahhahaha! But, since I was also teaching, I had to at least remain presentable and to exude beauty in spite of the belly lump. I personally believe that the pregnant are the most beautiful.

So, let me share these practical maternity fashion tips:

1. wear comfortable and not too loose dresses so not to appear bigger.
2. sport on light make up to exude glow of life and charm.
3. wear flat or shorter - heeled shoes or sandals to avoid leg pains.
4. go for cotton and cool fabrics.
5. for leg support, stockings and elastic pants or leggings can help out.
6. for non-office attire, sport on sleeveless and/or shorts stuff (sexy will be your next name,hahahha).
7. enhance appearance by wearing lovely fashion accessories.
8. Your tip here. . .

It is always fun to have that feeling of warmth and security. I remember I had to apply my maternity leave as soon as I knew I was pregnant. No wonder Blue Cross North Carolina health plans are popular among security conscious.