Friday, June 26, 2009

Make - Up Mall Ramp with Buddies

with one of our fave and sweetest blogger, Bariles Sir Avel

with the make up artist and other friend

with my college buddy, Julius and my sister Tammy

After the free make-up, my sister and I ended with chats and photo shoots with friends. We seemed like commercial models wandering around the shopping mall of Gaisano Gensan. hahahhahahah! We sure did have a lot of fun!

The Vanity Price

To what extent can you risk for your vanity? We are vane all right in some ways or another. Goodness! I am always vane with shoes, bags and clothing and weight! hahahhah! But, if you ever ask me if I have to go through some vanity surgery to eliminate unwanted lumps or bulges or deformities, perhaps I will try.

But, what dread me the most is that not all vanity surgeries can be safe. In the Philippines alone, there are quack or fake doctors that do beauty surgery at the health risk of their patients. I can't blame fully these patients who go to a low-profile beauty experts for a lower price but may be unsure of their safety.

Safety is everyone's concern but companies and professionals alike must take their social obligations and responsibility seriously. As quoteed from Canada Free Press, Toni Sullivan, a real estate agent in Markham, Ontario, died from a massive blood clot in the lung two days after excess fat was removed by liposuction. There are indeed several cases of vanity surgery killers but apart from these, there are health products that do give false or deceiving information like from Colonix reviews.

It is indeed to be noted that we must always be conscious of what we take into our body or what will our body go through. I would rather be nosy and careful than sorry.

We Are Boutique Fashion Models (wannabe's)!

During the course of Kasalan sa Gensan, my sister Tammy and I were courageous enough to try the Ever Bilena free make up. So not to waste the good effort of the make-up artist, we headed to our store and put on our store stocks and had the photo shoots. We simply wanted to know if our apparel would be good on us! hahahhaha! Do we look on them or the other way around? hahahhah!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wedding Day in Gensan

With Bariles after our free make - up

Winners of the bridal make - up contest

In celebration of June as wedding month, our city took pride in holding Kasalan (Wedding) sa GenSan. It was the first wedding-theme event in the city that we were all captivated by the grandiosity of the event. They held stalls for photos, reception, gowns and wedding accessories. We even had the chance to have the make-up over for free! We had great time that we stayed during the whole event. Tammy, my sister, simply played with her ipods while waiting for me to have my make up done.

We were even mistaken as contestants in their make-up contest! hahahahha!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Outrageous Wedding Gowns

We oftentimes see wedding gowns as classy and elegant but not at all stylish. Do check these cute fancy and daring wedding gowns from MSN Lifestyles.

by Junko Yoshioka for Bonaparte NY

Click here for complete slide show.

General Santos City Wedding Exhibit

June is dubbed as the wedding month that a number of couples nationwide do marry in June. Typically, various local government host mass wedding for everyone and some private organizations do sponsor the entire wedding package in celebration of this feast.

This mid-June in General Santos City, we shall be having "Kasalan sa Bayan" exhibit of all wedding preparations: diamond engagement rings, gowns, flowers, invitations, documentation, food, venue, theme and much more.

When we prepared for my church wedding, the preparation was quite laborious and draining. We had to coordinate with shops, church, resto, guests and all. Exhibits like this can indeed foster awareness and appreciation for big life events.

I Need Some Office Wears

I was recently hired as Project Officer/Executive Director for Provincial Chamber of Commerce. It is a private organization but linked with LGU's and SME's and the business industry players. I am definitely new to this job as I had spent a decade as a college professor and school administrator. My basic wardrobe is only composed of jeans, and polo shirts and stylish apparel.

I was joked by my sister that I simply look like a low-profile employee with my attire. I shall however, invest more on formal suit if I have to appear more credible.

I have been wanting to have a change in job but I am not at all sure if I can exceed the expectations of my hiring panel. I just have to do and render my best shot then.

Wish me well!

Filipino Fashion Industry Gets Slimmer

Amidst global recession, every sector is indeed affected, with varying extent. The highly bombarded areas are the "luxury" sectors like tourism, appliance/automobile and textile among the many.

Regardless of race, we prioritize our basic needs first. We find alternatives in addressing these needs. Filipinos for one, recycle old clothes and stuffs to make through. No wonder "ukay-ukay" or imported used clothings are in. They would rather pay less but demand more. Consequently, companies close down.

In the local city of General Santos, 2-3 rural banks chose to shut down their operations. While the government and other concerned agencies and communities find measure to counteract the effects of recession including business insurance, the poverty thresholds continue to rise up.

Somehow, the fashion industry can find ways to reduce cost of operations, materials and labor, tax holidays or incentives without sacrificing quality.

Truly, battling recession must be a global effort.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Bicycle Wear

It has been a week since my partner and I go on mountain bikes. We circle around the city and drive at least an hour.

But, I still have to complete my attire since I only wear my air cool shirt and long tight jogging pants and my running shoes. I don't even have my bike helmet.

I must eventually invest on complete gears if I really want to pursue this as an alternative to jogging.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going an Extra Mile with our Fashion Store Customer Service

Whenever customers visit our fashion store, we assist them whenever we can. We make
sure that what they purchase from us, they get more than satisfaction. Most of the customers simply know what they want. However, there are some customers who simply
need assistance.

Normally, if we don't see our blouses or dresses on a lady, we simply say it. We don't want that person to be embarrassed by wearing a wrong fit. It is important to us that our items will bring out the highlights of that person.

Usually, it is our common problem when someone of plus size tries to fit on long dresses with a chest or a waist cut. Simply, their tummy or abdomen looks bigger that we advice them to wear something else that will hide the unwanted bulges.

We befriend our customers, so at least, they become comfortable while they are in our store. Sometimes, when we chat with big people, we discuss politics, personal relationships and weight problems, including phenphedrine review.

What do we get from this personalized customer service? We get increased sales and new friends and widen network. They become our medium of advertisement too.

So, customer service really counts to all enterprise, commercial or otherwise.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Glow on a $12-M Wedding Gown

wedding gown's closer look
photo source: The Diamond BLog

This is by far the most expensive wedding gown in the world. The gown was designed by jeweller Jeweler Martin Katz and dressmaker Renee Strauss. They filled the gown with 150 carats worth of diamonds.

Simply amazing and captivating for a happy bride!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A B'Laan Wedding Gown in the Philippines

A B'laan bride and her mother

Philippines is filled with hundreds of tribal groups and as Filipinos, we can only take pride with the color, richness of culture and history in every thread and fiber each tribal group wears.

The B'laan are one of the natives of Sarangani Province. They have quite unique culture in occasion of birth, death and wedding just like the photo above where the mother and daughter performed a tribal dance just before the wedding ceremony.

Each culture is unique and we can see this distinction in all parts of the world. They perform strange practices, rituals and traditions (eg. in the Philippines, we don't agree of same-sex marriage or abortion among a number of things) which can be unacceptable to other sects. Others indeed commit spite and violence just to protect their beliefs like moving companies San Francisco.

Regardless of culture and traditions, I think the issue here is about respect for their rights and the rights of others. It is however, fascinating to see arts and native wardrobes of different tribes.

Cool Family Biking Wear for Us

family on fun Sunday exercise

We simply got a fun Sunday when everyone in the house joined us in our morning bike and jog. So, we hauled our bikes and change clothes as we headed to the beach after the exercise.

Skimpy Clothes for Bigger Weights?

with my childhood buddies for 22 years and counting. . .

I currently visited my childhood buddies in Zamboanga City and we joke a lot about our unwanted bulges, fats and lumps. But, we simply love to dine and we do this as often as possible.

But, after giving birth and working behind a desk, our waistlines simply keep on widening that we start contemplating on taking Anoretix. We hide our bulges with tight shirts or concealing techniques.

I wish I can exercise with my buddies and do the other things we love like karaoke singing. Perhaps, I can convince them too to have jogging, war games, climbing and biking with me. Would they approve? I still have to cross my fingers on that!

Cool H1N1 Face Mask

Lovely masks!
photo credit:

At the global hype of swine flu, I got these pictures again from my email and I can't help but adore these stylish masks. Who ever said, we have to be plain and simple when our health is at risk?

Friday, June 5, 2009

What is Your Comfy Game Suit?

Technology gadgets are part of our house fixture. I am a computer college instructress but I never really like computer games as my fun recreation. But, this is quite different for my kid and my other family members. They are simply hooked to PSP and Xbox. It is funny that I see my family on loose sleeveless shirts and loose shorts when they play their favorite games, mindless of the time and people around them.

My kid and his daddy consume their free time with these gadgets. We had to bring one of our Xbox from Zamboanga City to General Santos City. But, this got busted when one of our household members accidentally plugged the gadget to a 220-voltage outlet.

Now, we wish to get an Xbox 360. Its basic features include wireless controllers, standard TV control and internet connectivity among other things. There are indeed Xbox 360 variants as shown from the image below.

Xbox 360 comparison

Our old Xbox gadget has a number off cable controllers that I would normally get pissed from all the bundles of wires splattered on the floor. This Xbox 360 is quite different since it has first and foremost, wireless controllers. Truly, my family members and I will not fight with the wires and game spaces.

We can actually maximize the use of this Xbox 360 with its Xbox 360 Accessories. My in-laws had our gadgets ordered online. Consequently, we can order this newer Xbox unit at a cheaper rate.

Whenever I am inclined to play console games, I am usually on my skimpy shorts and comfy stylish shirts and do an Indian squat with my comfy pillow. Games are supposed to be fun, right? But, I want to feel and look comfortable too.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Recent Havaianas Flip Flops

Just two weeks ago, our Havaianas flip flops from Brazil arrived our store. We originally have 9 pairs, but, we had sold a few. We sell most of these online while local buyers visit our place too.

Do check our newly arrived authentic Havaianas. We have glow in the dark and slim printed flops for men and women. We are still expecting more stocks in the coming weeks.

Our Travel Suit

We recently travelled to Zamboanga City for supposedly a road fun since we originally decided to take a road trip from Zamboanga City via Pagadian, Iligan, Cagayan, Bukidnon and Davao City, to General Santos City. We indeed travelled with light packs and mostly our luggage was composed of comfy jeans, shirts and flip flops. Bringing some kids though caused us to pack more. But, I told my family to just bring easy-to-dry clothes just in case we need to wash them before the trip.

But, we decided to take the boat instead since our family van got all busted from the seven months of immobility. I remember that the road travel was quite long and burdensome and might make the kids crankier.

My father and partner however, took the road trip. We were quite worried of their safety that we wish there were gps systems with them. We can only sigh a relief when we saw them all in one piece from a two-day road travel.