Sunday, June 7, 2009

A B'Laan Wedding Gown in the Philippines

A B'laan bride and her mother

Philippines is filled with hundreds of tribal groups and as Filipinos, we can only take pride with the color, richness of culture and history in every thread and fiber each tribal group wears.

The B'laan are one of the natives of Sarangani Province. They have quite unique culture in occasion of birth, death and wedding just like the photo above where the mother and daughter performed a tribal dance just before the wedding ceremony.

Each culture is unique and we can see this distinction in all parts of the world. They perform strange practices, rituals and traditions (eg. in the Philippines, we don't agree of same-sex marriage or abortion among a number of things) which can be unacceptable to other sects. Others indeed commit spite and violence just to protect their beliefs like moving companies San Francisco.

Regardless of culture and traditions, I think the issue here is about respect for their rights and the rights of others. It is however, fascinating to see arts and native wardrobes of different tribes.