Friday, June 26, 2009

The Vanity Price

To what extent can you risk for your vanity? We are vane all right in some ways or another. Goodness! I am always vane with shoes, bags and clothing and weight! hahahhah! But, if you ever ask me if I have to go through some vanity surgery to eliminate unwanted lumps or bulges or deformities, perhaps I will try.

But, what dread me the most is that not all vanity surgeries can be safe. In the Philippines alone, there are quack or fake doctors that do beauty surgery at the health risk of their patients. I can't blame fully these patients who go to a low-profile beauty experts for a lower price but may be unsure of their safety.

Safety is everyone's concern but companies and professionals alike must take their social obligations and responsibility seriously. As quoteed from Canada Free Press, Toni Sullivan, a real estate agent in Markham, Ontario, died from a massive blood clot in the lung two days after excess fat was removed by liposuction. There are indeed several cases of vanity surgery killers but apart from these, there are health products that do give false or deceiving information like from Colonix reviews.

It is indeed to be noted that we must always be conscious of what we take into our body or what will our body go through. I would rather be nosy and careful than sorry.