Friday, June 5, 2009

What is Your Comfy Game Suit?

Technology gadgets are part of our house fixture. I am a computer college instructress but I never really like computer games as my fun recreation. But, this is quite different for my kid and my other family members. They are simply hooked to PSP and Xbox. It is funny that I see my family on loose sleeveless shirts and loose shorts when they play their favorite games, mindless of the time and people around them.

My kid and his daddy consume their free time with these gadgets. We had to bring one of our Xbox from Zamboanga City to General Santos City. But, this got busted when one of our household members accidentally plugged the gadget to a 220-voltage outlet.

Now, we wish to get an Xbox 360. Its basic features include wireless controllers, standard TV control and internet connectivity among other things. There are indeed Xbox 360 variants as shown from the image below.

Xbox 360 comparison

Our old Xbox gadget has a number off cable controllers that I would normally get pissed from all the bundles of wires splattered on the floor. This Xbox 360 is quite different since it has first and foremost, wireless controllers. Truly, my family members and I will not fight with the wires and game spaces.

We can actually maximize the use of this Xbox 360 with its Xbox 360 Accessories. My in-laws had our gadgets ordered online. Consequently, we can order this newer Xbox unit at a cheaper rate.

Whenever I am inclined to play console games, I am usually on my skimpy shorts and comfy stylish shirts and do an Indian squat with my comfy pillow. Games are supposed to be fun, right? But, I want to feel and look comfortable too.