Friday, July 31, 2009

Clothes Getting Smaller

One thing I don't like with my new work is that I get to sit almost 6-8 hours a day with regular snacks in between. tsk tsk tsk! Consequently, I get bigger, and wider. I quite miss my regular jogs and bikes. My mother would usually complain of my usual work whining.

I don't have the time to go for exercise and I can only feel sorry for all the clothes that are getting smaller because of my weight. Gosh! I could only wish I did not give up my old bigger clothes. Now, I have to buy new ones. waaaaaaaaaaaah!

I heard ultra 90 is making wonders. For a busy person like me, anything that is fast and safe to lose my weight can be deeply considered.

Hot Gladiator Shoe

In the Philippines, Gladiator shoes are overwhelming the crowd. You consider me guilty though. hahhahahah!

My sister and I got these SO FAB gladiator shoes. Cool! I got a number of nice and lovely remarks for this pair.

More Interesting Shoes: Part 2

from email.

I found these pictures from Funzug and I can't help but admire and a the same time feel silly by how the incredible creativity of their designers.

Shoes for me are supposed to be chic, comfy and stylish, and most of all effective and efficient just like ephedra products. My feet and legs would have to be soothed and pampered by its ease first, then, I consider the price. I don't mind paying much for something worthy. Otherwise, every penny and effort are all vain.

But, sometimes I get to buy uncomfortable shoes although they are bit catchy and stylish. I normally end up, keeping them all covered with dusts among other things. hahahhahah!

So, would I buy these cute and funny shoes? Most likely, I will.

I Love These Shoes

Laura Ashley Wicker Shoes. OMG!

From Le Donne

Expensive shoes but I do love them a lot and wish to have them!

Victoria Secret's Scents

My family in Wisconsin travel a lot and they normally buy their stuffs for us including these Victoria Secret's lotion, lip gloss, and perfumes. Our other family members will soon migrate to United States and we shall remain here on our own with my biological family.

My kid wants to meet his grandparents and the rest of the gang. Even my sister and I would love to have some rests including Vegas vacations to be recharged.

Most likely, my in-laws will be more aggressive in working our petitions for migration. If that will happen soon, I will be buying more stuffs for my business.

Our Fashion Store's Week Special

Since our store is just a small one and not on highly public areas, we customize our display window at least 2x a week. That way, people notice the rest of the stuffs we sell. Normally, this strategy works. Hahhahaha!

This week, we have the white-oriented theme.

Buying Our Own Bags for Sale!

These are our newly acquired Coach bags.

One funny and silly habit that my sister and I share is our passion for fashion. hahahhahaha! We do have a tingling liking for beautiful shoes, bags, clothes and other stuffs. Beauty indeed attracts us like how we get amazed by Naples Fl custom doors.

So, whenever we have new stocks and they give a very positive impression, we normally buy them for ourselves. That is pretty nice though, because instead of buying from other stores, we patronize our stuffs. Only that, our budget is usually drained by too many things to like and to buy. CUTE!

Interesting Shoes: Part 1

I definitely don't want to kill my feet with these. LOL!

No way!

These are lovely for my feet. LOL!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Fashion at SONA 2009

President Gloria Arroyo on her Fushia terno

Today is hailed with protest, critique, and compliments as the Philippine President Gloria Arroyo gave her State of the Nation Address. Although, it is nice to see statistics but I still actually feel that the country is still poorer from poverty, unemployment, crisis.

I am however, genuinely delighted to see some good fashion styles of the politicians including the president herself.

Some politicians simply adorn their barongs (Filipino formal attire for men) and dresses while others just recycled their get ups.

It is always a delight to know that garments or equipment can increase its worth with accessories just like Wii accessories where one can have full use of any Wii and have more fun. Forsure, viewers of SONA had noted the different fashion taste of some lady and male politicians.

Go check SONA 2009 fashion.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Shoes for Us

Part of the stuffs that we recently received are some elegant and stylish shoes from Bandolino, Nina, R2, Laura Ashley, Liz Claiborne, Rampage, and Naturalizer.

We are just proud to display few of our stuffs.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Vanity: Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

How far will you go for beauty? I want to feel and look good that I try means to do somehow address but I could not consider surgery because for one, I don't the resources to do it and secondly, cosmetic surgery is quite risky.

Lately, I had viewed from Philippine national TV that a popular singer is on the verge of life and death because of a failed butt augmentation that involved silicone oil which was banned in 1960's but was recently used in a cosmetic surgery. There are indeed a number of failed vanity surgeries mostly, from unqualified or fake doctors. 50% of the patients are mostly "balikbayans" or overseas Filipino workers who would have cosmetic jobs here because of cheaper rates.

Thus, we are strongly advised to be more careful with knife corrections. There are indeed treatments that do wonders like best acne treatments but we have to be very wary of toxic treatments, worst, dangerous cosmetic surgeries from incompetent doctors or self-proclaimed professionals.

Most Expensive Watch

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

(the most expensive modern wristwatch)

Do you have a brand that you personally love for your watch? Do you go for the price, style, both or none at all? I have to say, I go for the brand. But what if you are given the most expensive watch in the world, amounting to $ 1.49M? what?!!!!

Check the rest of most expensive collection of watches here.

photo source:

Bizaarre Japanese Fashion Style

I stumbled upon this strange fashion style in Japan and I can only be more fascinated by the courage and creativity the designers exhibit.

Check this picture below and click the image to view more images.

They are cool indeed. I have to applaud the ingenuity of some fashion designers just like designers of discount light fixtures who make any home more beautiful.

And, since they are quite strange, somehow, they are priced lower or higher than the average. So, it will be a great delight to find something unique at great price tag. I always want to buy something attractive and catchy. I guess this is also the norms of some.

Bizarre Fashion Style

Lady Gaga at the press conference prior the Isle of MTV Malta Special
Mute and blind with her unique creepy style.
Lady Gaga for V Magazine wearing only the futuristic hat

The popular singer has a unique taste of fashion that I can't help but highlight her here.

photo source:

Fashion Trends

Fashion is never stagnant. In fact, they come and go in just a blink of an eye. And what seem to be the trends now could be way obsolete from the other side of the world.

Of course, we have to consider also that fashion is relative to culture. If culture does not permit it, fashion or not, it can just be overlooked.

I normally search from web site directory what could be trendy nowadays and compare them with prior styles. I tell you, they just evolve to something finer, better and styler. But, the thing is, they just come around and amaze us more.

Normally, I just accessories my old apparel to somehow give that new look. Practical but stylish!

Fashion Store Special

Every week, we change the outfit and accessories of our mannequins to something formal, casual or punky. Check what my sister, Tammy did for this week!

More Earrings for Us!

silver dangling earrings, great for party and casual walks!

Part of what we sell are some fashion accessories for ears! I simply love dangling stuffs! LOL! I originally adored studded earring but I am fashionista in my way that I love to sport fancy stuffs and they make me feel cool and sexy. Hahahhahah!

So, whenever the occasion permits it, I wear big loops of earrings for casual and party time or pearl jewelry for formal events.

I always note that I have to feel good on what I wear regardless of their monetary worth otherwise, I would rather settle for simple, non-pricey stuffs.

Most Expensive Shoes

Cinderlla Slippers by Stuart Weitzman who designed it with 565 platinum-set diamonds including one large 5 karat ice chunk.

Who could not love beautiful shoes? Even men adore lovely footwear. Now, what if it glitters with all the prized gems? Gosh, I would rather have them behind enclosed glass. LOL!

The Cinderella Slippers or Ruby Slippers are prized at 2M USD and counting!

photo source:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Beauty Stuffs in our Fashion Store

Victoria Secret's Beauty Rush Lip Shine at Php 550.00 each. Other flavor variants are


My personal favorite, PINK Splash Colognes at Php 1150.00.

These are few of the things sent to us for use and/or sale. Our family in US can only purchase what we suggest. They mentioned that a number of stuffs are sold at cheaper rates  because of economic recessions.

Even in the Philippines, the crisis is terribly felt especially by the greater public. I only hope that situation shall subside and eventually be eliminated that way of living will be improved.

The fashion industry is getting one of the harder blows as buyers go for cheaper prices which include fake or substandard items.

Fashion Store Thinks Bigger

We decided to bring our little nook fashion store to a shopping mall so, we can attract more customers to check on our stuffs. The operational costs will definitely be higher but that's the only way to expose us to the greater public.

I am still thinking of other ventures where I can also consider. I hope that when I finally decided to resign from my new job and concentrate on my business, I can do better.

Good luck to me then!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fashion Stocks Are Piled

We recently had our stocks and the store is definitely packed. Before the family van came, we simply used the local tricycle in the city to transport our boxes of apparel that we somehow needed a local tow to get the vehicle going.

It is however, nice to know that our family abroad uses rv towing whenever there is a vehicle problem. The family is no expect on vehicle troubleshoot, so, the towing helps them a lot.

Since, I am still struggling as a driver, I have to learn somehow the basic vehicle troubleshoots, just to help the family transport store stocks. Sigh! I wish I had tried car driving when I was younger. The fear could have been smaller.

My Fashionista Sister

This is my younger sister, Tammy on her birthday. Quite Flirty, huh! LOL!

with my sis on a swim day!

Happy happy birthday sis! Never lose faith, blessings are abundant through good friends, family and small blessings that come to your life every day! We love you. Mwa!

Fashion Store on Mall Space Request

We decided to get a mall space after a month of mall exposure of our fashion store. We have to really focus on it now if we want to make it succeed. Never I have known a business that did not prosper without the personal touch of the owner.

I remembered well when we personally manned our boutique. We had to wrestle with bulks of apparel needed and requested by our customers. We even gained muscle tones on our arm and legs just like working out from Kettlebell through constant walking and ladder strides.

Come Monday, we will try our proposal to one local mall here. We wish that our store will get better sales to pay off our operational costs and earn more for wider expansion. I am just crossing my finger then.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Store is Packed

Our stocks from US had arrived last weekend and we had to move some old stocks into the closet while others are still on pile. Our little store has appeared loaded when every space is now occupied from apparel to shoes.

I have left my sister, Tammy to do the management since I am now loaded with my new work.

We wish to get a mall space because that is the only area where a number of customers can see what we sell.

I just have to find the time first to apply for leasing. tsk tsk tsk! Good luck to us!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glam on Tacori Rings

I had my fair share of anxiety, and excitement of preparing and going through a wedding. I remembered well when my husband first gave me a ring during our last year as boyfriend and girlfriend before we broke up for different relationships.

I like that heart-shape ring embedded with diamonds. Whenever I missed him, I would simply touch that ring. Unfortunately, I lost it somewhere and had terrible time overcoming that loss.

However, that engagement ring was replaced right away by a wedding ring when we reunited after five years of break up.

A number of people did notice that I was all smiling on my wedding day. I was all overwhelmed by the fact that I was marrying the same old guy I had known with for half of my life.

So, wedding and engagement symbols like rings are quite significant, not for its market value but for the very meaning of these to two in love persons. When a woman accepts an engagement or wedding ring, it is already a mark of committing her life to her loved one.

I am quite awed with the tacori engagement rings because the collections come from the unique designs and taste of their clients. They exude beauty, craftsmanship, and character among others. It is important that the perfect ring is delivered. Tacori rings equate to this expectation.

Brides must stand out on their wedding days or engagement days. You can actually find a good Tacori jewelry collection from JR Dunn. He is a major supplier of beautiful tacori and can be assured of only the best.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fashion Tattoos For Us!

These are henna tattoos on us! We pretty like the tribal style. hahahha!

Have To Dress Up Well

My new job requires me to meet a lot of people: businessmen, local and national government employees and politicians. I only feel nervous sometimes, since I was not at all used to socializing.

I can honestly say that my former job as a teacher and a school administrator helped a lot in improving my human skills.

Being a manager requires you to be result and human oriented. I am only glad that our boss is approachable enough to assist and support us.

I only have another problem, my closet is simply limited to jeans/slacks and too casual blouses. I wish I can buy elegant, but cheaper apparel for my office wears and buy my mom some kitchen rugs for our home.

I must avoid however, loud colors since that won't be appropriate for an office job, most especially, to a middle manager like me.