Friday, July 24, 2009

Vanity: Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

How far will you go for beauty? I want to feel and look good that I try means to do somehow address but I could not consider surgery because for one, I don't the resources to do it and secondly, cosmetic surgery is quite risky.

Lately, I had viewed from Philippine national TV that a popular singer is on the verge of life and death because of a failed butt augmentation that involved silicone oil which was banned in 1960's but was recently used in a cosmetic surgery. There are indeed a number of failed vanity surgeries mostly, from unqualified or fake doctors. 50% of the patients are mostly "balikbayans" or overseas Filipino workers who would have cosmetic jobs here because of cheaper rates.

Thus, we are strongly advised to be more careful with knife corrections. There are indeed treatments that do wonders like best acne treatments but we have to be very wary of toxic treatments, worst, dangerous cosmetic surgeries from incompetent doctors or self-proclaimed professionals.