Friday, August 28, 2009

My Fashion Boutique Require Eyeglasses

My boutique sells mostly apparel, from tops to footwear and with accessories that complement the outfit But, some of my customers look for fancy eyeglasses too. We don't sell these stuffs though, and we normally direct them to other optical centers.

Sometimes, I advice them to go online and check for starting $ 8 Rx eyeglasses with wide variety of choices. My favorite high fashion eyeglasses would be the ones I posted here. They can be stylish with all the trendy outfits and accessories I wear when I go on casual mood.

How You Can Start Spending Smart? We sell quality apparel and accessories but with reasonable rates. Our clients don't mind the price tag since they know that we only sell authentic stuffs. But, would it be nicer if we get quality accessories at cheaper rates? Now, that can be more enticing!

My Fashion Store is Unmanned

Since my sister has left for Manila, my store is left to my mom's care. But since she also attends to our furniture business, my boutique is definitely unmanned. Sigh!

My job keeps me from running my business. So, come October 1, I will devote my time to my business and my kid.

I will do my best to keep it going and make it prosper. I could not hire too since that will be an added cost and too risky.

Well, I just have to endure.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Filipiana Dresses To Go Please

These are native tribal attire of B'laan and T'boli women from Sarangani Province.

My brother in-law and his family shall be leaving soon for Los Angeles and eventually, head to my parents in-laws in Wisconsin. And since the family there belongs to a Filipino community and do gatherings a lot, they asked us to buy some Filipino native attire. My mother in-law for one, ordered a T'boli top with beaded belt and headdress.

While my other sister in-law ordered a Filipina attire with barong for the boys. They shall sport this during Christmas party.

They normally travel a lot either by plane or by car that they even considered extended service plan to secure their cars and buy stylish dresses for our store and for personal use.

They love fashion a lot, no wonder, they help us a lot in our boutique.

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More Interesting Shoes: Part 3

Interesting but they are gross for me. Yikes!
Photos from email.