Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Impressive Artistic Singing Bowls

The beauty of hand craftsmanship is beyond monetary compensation. Somehow, life and spirit complement every twist of finger and every focus on precision crafts made. Consequently, I adore handcrafts made and how beauty can be brought to life even from mundane materials.

So, I fancy the works of the religious from the Himalayas who create handicrafts like religious beads, reflection pillows and rugs, singing bowls, prayer flags and wheels, incense, wool handbags, gongs, wooden masks and bronze statues.

It is a first time to me to know that there are Crystal Singing Bowls that actually produce unique sound from a special gong and their new products, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Water Spring Bowls or Fountain Bowls that when you rub your hands against their handles, the bowl spouts a water like a fountain. Quite unique indeed!

The singing bowls' sound have been carefully catalogued and have taken pictures of each bowl that produces the unique music and this goes with the selling of the piece to make sure that the customer is really getting what she or he likes.

And since religion is global, one need not to be a Buddhist or something to reflect or meditate, so these beautiful handcrafts will do good for reflection and relaxation. They ship internationally and accept credit cards and even Paypal. Best of all, they guarantee a money-back just in case they gave you the wrong order or is defective. Cool!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mall Exhibit for Our Boutique

Since Monday, our boutique has been on mall exhibit. However, we kinda having slow sales since we only have imported stuffs and people would only buy cheaper ones although quality is compromized.

We were also invited to join the Robinsons Market Bazaar but my sister is hesitant since we may be having the same experience as we are experiencing today.

I only pray that we get better sales in the coming days especially now that payday is around the corner.

Good luck to us!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Most Handsome Filipino Actors

I did feature the Most Beautiful Actresses in the Philippine Cinema. Do check then, their male counterpart.

My list would include :

  1. Aga Muhlach
  2. John Lloyd Cruz
  3. Richard Gutierrez
  4. Richard Gomez
  5. Gabby Concepcion
The are simply handsome and sexy oozing with appeal. I wonder what kind of weight loss program they have been using.

There are indeed new actors lately and some are pretty handsome but in show business, some stay while others simply go unless they are legends, then the public can still remember them.

Most Tattooed Body Beautiful

Lucky Diamond Rich, Guinness World Record for Most Tattooed Person

Do I want tattoo for myself? hmnnn, no thanks but I appreciate some body tattoos. Now, check out Certified Guinness World Record's Most Tattooed Person, Lucky Diamond Rich as of 2006. 100% of his skin is totally tattooed.

Cool?!!!! Yap but quite painful!

source: Guinness World Record

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Most Expensive Brooch

Cartier Panther Brooch sold at $1.1 Million

Brooch is a lovely adornment. I normally wear this if my tops is all plain and I simply want to highlight it.

But, do check out this most expensive brooch made from 18 karat white gold and platinum. It is engrossed with 868 brilliant diamonds with sapphires and emeralds to boost these.

This is indeed quite lovely but I don't it is worth the use. I would rather keep it locked behind safe. I wonder how much is the insurance for this kind of treasure. There could be quotes for this just like auto insurance quote that one could check from the net.


Most Beautiful from Philippine Cinema

I got this top ten selected Most Beautiful, although my list only include the following:

  • Ruffa Guttierez
  • Gretchen Barreto
  • Kristine Hermosa
  • Marian Rivera
  • Dawn Zulieta
  • Ann Curtis

Do you have your own list?

Fashion at Rainy Season

In the Phillipines, June until December is definitely rainy season. Of course, students and workers have to hurdle the flood and heavy rains. I like rain sometimes since at least I don't have to worry with sunburn. hahhahahha!

But, it spoils the fun when it rains. I have to bring an extra pair of shoes, the one that I can use inside the office, a sturdy umbrella and very very big bag to toss all my things from getting wet. Of course, I still want my rainy stuffs to be astonishing as ever.

I wonder what could be the weather when one goes vacation in other countries like have some orlando vacations .

Others would of course bring some flip flops or crocs, good rain coats and travel fares from the rain. hahhahah!

Getting A Better Fashion Exhibit Area

The Stall Bazaar inside Gaisano Mall

In business, location is one of the topmost criteria to consider. We are currently situated in a place where people don't go much. So, we have been wanting to find a better location, and a shopping mall is our topmost choice.

Although our permanent mall space is not yet constructed, we prefer the exhibit than nothing at all. So, by Sunday, there shall be an exhibit again inside Gaisano Mall.

Disabled But Beautiful and Striking Models

The Cast of Britain's Missing Top Model

I adore people who in spite of their physical handicap, they don't make anyone or anything spoil their spirit. So, I am pleased to know that they are equally given opportunity to stand out in industry where conventionally only the able, beautiful and sexy exist.

Check out reality-show Britain's Missing Top Model where disabled girls compete for a modeling contract among other perks.

There are indeed a number of disabled worldwide and for sure help is there including social security disability .

So, whether one is deaf, mute or amputated or something, it is always the strength of character that overcomes physical limitation matters most.

Photo source:

Decent But Stylish Office Attire

Loud and inappropriate clothing is a NO-NO in any formal institutions except of course, allowed by the management. But, I personally want to be stylish without violating much the at RM taken from
click here to see the complete collection

So, I got this collection of images of some cute and nice office wears that are simply cool to keep.

Fashion Athletics

My family on a Sunday Bike Time

How important are proper attire during sports or recreation? I can only say I will wear what I like regardless if they are appropriate or not. hahahhahahah!

Normally, I only wear my running shoes, jogging pants and wind-through shirt for biking and loose shirt for jogging. But, when we play inline blades, 3/4 pants and tight shirt work well for me.

I kinda miss all these fun and I want to try new recreations like tennis, or ping pong. However, I must first have my racket and ping pong tables .

I would want to have a right pair of shoes first since my running shoes won't do good in the new games I would to play. I could at least ask my inlaws to send me a good pair, eh. hahhahahah!

I Like Skinny Jeans But . .

When I was in college 11 years ago, my usual wardrobe include only loose pants, shirts and rubber shoes. hahhahaha! I was one of the least noticed except of course for those who wanted to copy my notes, assignments or exams. tsk tsk tsk ! hahhahhahah!

But, when I got married, somehow I got more particular with how I look and feel about myself and what others would say. So, to make the story short. I wear what I like with variands of fashion trends. Generally, I would only get ooohh and ahhhs from my students and colleagues. hahahhahahha

On skinny jeans with my sister Tammy

I still wear pants nowadays but, they are all skinny jeans. I guess when the trend was all skin-fitting pants, I remained stuck with it. Now, I am enduring Urinary Tract Infection and tw of the possible causes I can particularly identify are my very tight jeans (who unexpectedly becomes tighter because I became bigger, waaaaaaaaaaah) and too much softdrinks that I rarely drink water.

I hope I can shift to loose pants again and lose the infection soon.

Fashion Store Exhibit in Few Days

We have been waiting for our permanent space in Gaisano Mall. However, the construction has not started yet that we were getting all anxious and impatient with the timing.

Taken during our first mall exhibit at Gaisan-Gensan Mall with my sister Tammy and masteral classmate doing our IT project.

We were only glad that our previous exhibit organizer has made a mall exhibit inside Gaisano Atrium again to start this September 28 until October 16. And since I shall be soon be resigned from office effective October 1, I could only find this opportunity timely and exciting. It could be more relaxing to man the store just like when one reads a good book, shopping or playing at Myrtle beach golf .

Come Sunday, we shall organize our displays of apparel, accessories, bags and shoes. Good luck to us! I wish we can do better sales.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Strange Fashion Taste of Lady Gaga

Motorbike Fashion Accessories For Me

Cool Motorbike Accessory Essentials
photo from

Just today, I was able to drive the motorbike around the city and even went farther to another town with my sister.

I could only wear my helmet and face mask with jacket. However, my hands are all sun burned. I was told to wear hand gloves to protect my hands in the future.

I also pity my cute rubber shoes with all the oil stains they are getting. I could not wear my fancy heeled shoes and slippers in driving because definitely, that would be very dangerous.

I am still anxious in driving but I just have to be relaxed and be more alert otherwise I might face road problems. I wonder if lawyer like Tacoma car accident lawyer is also needed elsewhere.

I should practice and be confident more in the future.

Nail Art, Anyone?

One of the things I can't live without is pedicure. Gosh, I can go to the parlor every week just to have my toenails done. But, I don't sport loud colors since I don't wanna look silly with my colors. hahahhahah!

But, nail art has been very popular that there nail stick-on art can just be bought from stores. Parlors however, are mushrooming with nail art as one of their forte.

Just check out this funny picture of nail art with my favorite SESAME Street characters.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lovely Handcrafted Accessories

I love machine – made stuffs but I love handcrafted works more! The reason is simple, the time spent by the artist is more valuable to me that the price tag is always worth it. I pretty love shells, stones, beads, feathers and other natural elements to highlight a piece of artwork.

Normally, we have these stuffs as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bags, chimes, lamps and chandeliers. These can just make someone special and make any house especially gulf shores condos more homey.

Interior designers and other artists oftentimes mix culture with futuristic theme. It somehow, pays off that people still value the past even through modernized era.
I still sell these handcrafts in the store and I am proud that I get to wear my own collection whenever I like it.

Pokwang and Her Cool Costumes

I adore Pokwang since she is quite funny, and very talented. I dont normally watch TV variety shows, but I do appreciate the efforts made by Wowowee in making up Pokwang on her everyday costumes. Hehehehheh!

I got this video clip from Youtube in one of their shows. As usual, she was on her nice outfit.

De-stressor? Parlor and Shopping Work For Me

Forgive my title but indeed when I am stressed, I normally go around shopping malls, look around and buy around. hahhahaahhah! I am not however, an impulsive buyer, just an impulsive eater. Gosh! Stress can indeed increase your weight and decrease your face value that pimples and acne and wrinkles just mushroom without a fight.

I have my pimple solution but I guess it has passed over its potency since I could not see desired effects. I might as well start considering other options. There are now pimple and acne treatments that are safe, and effective at reasonable rates.

The bottom line here is that we find ways how to de-stress. It can be through shopping, exercise, eating, dating or something else otherwise our physical being goes down with our mental and emotional knockouts.

Fashion at 2009 MTV Music Award

Normally, I would watch awards not because I want to check who are the best but because I like to see how our adored artists would flaunt their stylish outfit.

I simply love this simple but elegant show-off of Taylor Swift, although I felt sorry for her having a rude Kanye West snatching her mic amidst her speech. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Some people can't simply be a good sport, huh?!

Photo from Zuma Image

Check other fashion photos from the the Music and Video Award.

Finally, Cool Laptop Bag!

We have been waiting for more than a month for a decent and quality bag for my notebook. And, after enduring time of waiting, the parcel finally arrived. I got a BUILT NY black 14-15” neoprene bag! I simply love the style, weight and ease of the bag that I started flaunting its beauty.hahhahaha! We got a bag from an ordered DELL Laptop online and the bag goes as a freebie. Since, my hubby has another bag for his laptop, the BUILT bag then goes to me. Yepey!

my new Built NY for DELL laptop bag

Shopping online is quite easy. You just have your shopping carts and credit card, presto! Your parcel comes knocking at your door like a roadrunner speed.

I quite like the name, BUILT. It seems like a company is spelled singly by its name. I think this the power of branding and there is this order fulfillment for branding solutions.

So, if you need bags, do check the Built brand. Now, I don’t have to burden my shoulder and arm by carrying document case for the notebook and other files.

Missing My Style

When I was a college teacher, I was all dressed up with slacks, long sleeves but highlighted with belts and accessories, bags and shoes. My students would normally complement what I wear but I loved what I would feel whenever I know I look good.

However, when I got the office job, my wardrobe is limited to jeans, polo shirts and rubber shoes since the place we normally go to is all rocky. I dont want to spoil my pair of shoes though.hahhahahah!

But soon, I will be back to my old ways and my old fancy shoes. hahhahah!

Wanted: Athletic Apparel

Our fashion store sells shoes, bags, pants, tops and perfume but we got only very few pieces of athletic apparel. Our mountain climbs stuffs cannot however, replace stuffs needed for other recreational and physical activities.

Now, that we have our local city park opened, I only wish to jog again through the park or on a home treadmill . My own jogging and biking wardrobe is also short and scarce. Perhaps, if we can move to our shopping mall space, we can order for more types of apparel for varying clients including me. I can then, let go of my dilapidated jogging suits. Hahahhahah!

Beware: Imitated Branded Bags

I guess imitation is a global problem. It may only have a difference when a country is more strict and consistent in tracking down and stopping fakes to go public. Philippines is not at all excused from this plague. There are commissioned government units that do apprehend fakes, mostly, multimedia copyright properties but rarely on bags, shoes or pants or accessories.

We were to buy some COACH bags and that the sellers claimed they are original stuffs. But, since we are educated to distinguish fakes from not, we know better. And so, we honestly tell our clients originals from imitation products so not to mislead and deceive them. I only wish other businessmen can be as honest.

I indeed bought that COACH bag for less but I did not get the worth of my money since only after two (2) of use, the straps’ leatherette is cutting through. What a total waste of hard earned money!

Shopping! Oh, Shopping!

Shopping malls definitely exist for women. Sorry, guys but women are just honestly vain for beautiful stuffs. Hahhahahah! Every one shops that is however, for sure but most of the buyers are normally women. They may be buying for themselves or for their loved ones but stores are normally flocked with the raging power girls.

And since, we have our fashion store, we want to maximize internet by selling our stuffs online. Although, I am quite careful with the use of credit card details since thieves are just anywhere, on and offline though.

So, it is nice to know that there is identity theft protection where one can be at ease regardless where he or she buys. What can be more painful if your credit card balance rocketed to galaxy Z by a total stranger? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It can be a total nightmare.

Havaianas Flip Flops

When our supplier for Havs migrated to somewhere else, we run short with the famous flip flops. We are only saddened by the fact that our customers keep on asking and waiting for our stocks but we cannot really meet their demand.

From a steady supply, we have one (1) pair left. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! It helps that we were selling indeed authentic pairs that oftentimes, we have repeat customers and they themselves have been recommending us to other buyers.

We just have to exhaust all means to get some stocks on display very very fast!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fancy Musical Plays Costumes and More

I love watching movies a lot but only if they are action-packed, musical or romantic-comedy. For me, watching movies are relaxing and entertaining. Although, not the entire family share the same sentiments but I guess what matters is what I love for me to be recharged from day-to-day’s stress.

Filipinos, for one, love television and theater operas a lot. However, they sometimes bore me to death. So, I would prefer musical plays instead. However, I don’t have the liberty to watch them live since they are played elsewhere, so, I settle for taped musical shows or movies. I loved best Mama Mia, Enchanted and High School Musical a lot.

But, my family in Wisconsin travel a lot for fun and they will surely love the opportunity to watch New York Musical Theatre Festival where it shall stage fine actors, directors and other artists in their grand performance on their equally ravishing costumes and stage designs with grand orchestra to complement the theater air. They and the rest can use Vacation Rental Deals while they check out this exciting theatre festival.

Music for me is a therapy. So, I guess this is also true for other music lovers all over the world. In other countries, including Korea, they have similar musical theater festival called Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF) that has recently partnered with New York Musical Theater Festival.

Theater plays had long existed since the time of Shakespeare but for sentimental persons like me, I can easily be captivated by the talents of acting and singing that I get carried away too with their stories and their drama. It is only a great delight that theater arts have persisted over time with technology and culture diversity that make the theater arts more exciting. Further, studies show that music therapy contributes to mental and spiritual upbeat.

So, how I wish, I shall have the equal chance of seeing this musical festival. Anyways, for those who are music and theater fanatics, you can actually get the festival’s tickets online, just check their site. This festival shall run from September 28 to October 18 and can be your chance to discover new talents of artists, directors, and more! I can't wait to see all the costumes the cast will sport on.

Bizarre Fashion Style

Photos from email

Fashion Baby Travel Accessories

When I first had my kid, we tried all our best to protect him from any form of harm. We somehow, baby proof the house, and employed all gadgets and apparel available to make him safe and comfortable and gave us the easiness that seemed too difficult for new parents.

My family in-laws however, were that kind and generous in buying baby stuffs, from clothing to gadgets and parents’ journals, just to aid us in parenting our kid.

But, what I actually did not like when we travelled with my kid was the very fact that we could not bring all his baby-proof accessories and things to where we should go. Also, there were some baby stuffs that were too bulky to bring that we would rather endure not bringing them instead and looked for other alternatives which were only added expenses to us.

But, it is nicer to know that there is actually a website that will make each baby travel safe and convenient. They offer harness buddy of fine clothing material and with great cartoon - character designs that kids will surely love from their baby boutique. Also, they offer Child Aviation Restraint Systems for that more secured air travel, more child-friendly sunglasses and potty travel things that will make the travel more convenient and fun.

As a new parent, I did get tips from other experienced parents and resources of experts on parenting and child care. So, it is quite helpful that tips and tricks are there to make the travel less gruesome and more satisfying instead. The site offers some vacation ideas and hotels that are child-friendly. These hotels are evaluated against standards on baby protection. Thus, parents can be assured that they need not bring child-proof stuffs just to protect their babies.

More importantly, parents abroad can order baby travel accessories and devices on very reasonable rates. We too, can experience safe travel only if we consider our baby’s protection and safety as our topmost priority.

Haven in Fashion Apparel and More

In three weeks’ time, I will devote my whole time to our fashion store. This means I would simply attend to dressing up our store mannequins, rearranging our fashion displays and cleaning them.

Although, there could be days where we have no sales at all, but I guess, that’s what a business is; there could be dry and peak seasons along the way. But, what I shall appreciate more is the fact that I can attend to it personally and to look after my family graciously.
Good luck to me then!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Fashion Buyers for Us

My brother in-law and his family are leaving today for Manila to head to Los Angeles for migration. They shall however, stay first with my sister in-law’s biological parents before they shall head to Wisconsin for permanent residency.

But, just like any new US migrants, they must dwell on the country for two months yet before they can find a more decent job. They shall stay with my sister in-law’s house first. I wonder, if they heard of mobile homes ?

But, my sister in-law will surely help the family in buying more fashion apparel and accessories for us. She has a unique taste for chic and stylish stuffs. We can’t simply wait. We can only pray that the travel is safe for them. My husband can only wait until his petition can come.

Missing My Fancy Style

When I started my teaching career, I was all simple literally.heehhehehe! But, I guess, circumstances can change people's perspectives and lifestyle.

So, three (3) years ago, I started doing a make-over of my closet and my style. It was awkward, alright, but I eventually enjoyed the compliments and get used to looking and feeling good.

My colleagues and students would praise my style and I simply smiled with them. But, now that my work is somewhere remote and requires long travels, I can only endure jeans, rubber and flat shoes and polo shirts. Sigh! I kinda miss my fancy wardrobe.hahahhahahha! But, this is not at all applicable in a corporate environment.

I must only wait then till I am free from these constraints.