Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beware: Imitated Branded Bags

I guess imitation is a global problem. It may only have a difference when a country is more strict and consistent in tracking down and stopping fakes to go public. Philippines is not at all excused from this plague. There are commissioned government units that do apprehend fakes, mostly, multimedia copyright properties but rarely on bags, shoes or pants or accessories.

We were to buy some COACH bags and that the sellers claimed they are original stuffs. But, since we are educated to distinguish fakes from not, we know better. And so, we honestly tell our clients originals from imitation products so not to mislead and deceive them. I only wish other businessmen can be as honest.

I indeed bought that COACH bag for less but I did not get the worth of my money since only after two (2) of use, the straps’ leatherette is cutting through. What a total waste of hard earned money!