Wednesday, September 16, 2009

De-stressor? Parlor and Shopping Work For Me

Forgive my title but indeed when I am stressed, I normally go around shopping malls, look around and buy around. hahhahaahhah! I am not however, an impulsive buyer, just an impulsive eater. Gosh! Stress can indeed increase your weight and decrease your face value that pimples and acne and wrinkles just mushroom without a fight.

I have my pimple solution but I guess it has passed over its potency since I could not see desired effects. I might as well start considering other options. There are now pimple and acne treatments that are safe, and effective at reasonable rates.

The bottom line here is that we find ways how to de-stress. It can be through shopping, exercise, eating, dating or something else otherwise our physical being goes down with our mental and emotional knockouts.