Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fancy Musical Plays Costumes and More

I love watching movies a lot but only if they are action-packed, musical or romantic-comedy. For me, watching movies are relaxing and entertaining. Although, not the entire family share the same sentiments but I guess what matters is what I love for me to be recharged from day-to-day’s stress.

Filipinos, for one, love television and theater operas a lot. However, they sometimes bore me to death. So, I would prefer musical plays instead. However, I don’t have the liberty to watch them live since they are played elsewhere, so, I settle for taped musical shows or movies. I loved best Mama Mia, Enchanted and High School Musical a lot.

But, my family in Wisconsin travel a lot for fun and they will surely love the opportunity to watch New York Musical Theatre Festival where it shall stage fine actors, directors and other artists in their grand performance on their equally ravishing costumes and stage designs with grand orchestra to complement the theater air. They and the rest can use Vacation Rental Deals while they check out this exciting theatre festival.

Music for me is a therapy. So, I guess this is also true for other music lovers all over the world. In other countries, including Korea, they have similar musical theater festival called Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF) that has recently partnered with New York Musical Theater Festival.

Theater plays had long existed since the time of Shakespeare but for sentimental persons like me, I can easily be captivated by the talents of acting and singing that I get carried away too with their stories and their drama. It is only a great delight that theater arts have persisted over time with technology and culture diversity that make the theater arts more exciting. Further, studies show that music therapy contributes to mental and spiritual upbeat.

So, how I wish, I shall have the equal chance of seeing this musical festival. Anyways, for those who are music and theater fanatics, you can actually get the festival’s tickets online, just check their site. This festival shall run from September 28 to October 18 and can be your chance to discover new talents of artists, directors, and more! I can't wait to see all the costumes the cast will sport on.