Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fashion Athletics

My family on a Sunday Bike Time

How important are proper attire during sports or recreation? I can only say I will wear what I like regardless if they are appropriate or not. hahahhahahah!

Normally, I only wear my running shoes, jogging pants and wind-through shirt for biking and loose shirt for jogging. But, when we play inline blades, 3/4 pants and tight shirt work well for me.

I kinda miss all these fun and I want to try new recreations like tennis, or ping pong. However, I must first have my racket and ping pong tables .

I would want to have a right pair of shoes first since my running shoes won't do good in the new games I would to play. I could at least ask my inlaws to send me a good pair, eh. hahhahahah!