Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fashion Store Exhibit in Few Days

We have been waiting for our permanent space in Gaisano Mall. However, the construction has not started yet that we were getting all anxious and impatient with the timing.

Taken during our first mall exhibit at Gaisan-Gensan Mall with my sister Tammy and masteral classmate doing our IT project.

We were only glad that our previous exhibit organizer has made a mall exhibit inside Gaisano Atrium again to start this September 28 until October 16. And since I shall be soon be resigned from office effective October 1, I could only find this opportunity timely and exciting. It could be more relaxing to man the store just like when one reads a good book, shopping or playing at Myrtle beach golf .

Come Sunday, we shall organize our displays of apparel, accessories, bags and shoes. Good luck to us! I wish we can do better sales.