Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Like Skinny Jeans But . .

When I was in college 11 years ago, my usual wardrobe include only loose pants, shirts and rubber shoes. hahhahaha! I was one of the least noticed except of course for those who wanted to copy my notes, assignments or exams. tsk tsk tsk ! hahhahhahah!

But, when I got married, somehow I got more particular with how I look and feel about myself and what others would say. So, to make the story short. I wear what I like with variands of fashion trends. Generally, I would only get ooohh and ahhhs from my students and colleagues. hahahhahahha

On skinny jeans with my sister Tammy

I still wear pants nowadays but, they are all skinny jeans. I guess when the trend was all skin-fitting pants, I remained stuck with it. Now, I am enduring Urinary Tract Infection and tw of the possible causes I can particularly identify are my very tight jeans (who unexpectedly becomes tighter because I became bigger, waaaaaaaaaaah) and too much softdrinks that I rarely drink water.

I hope I can shift to loose pants again and lose the infection soon.