Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Impressive Artistic Singing Bowls

The beauty of hand craftsmanship is beyond monetary compensation. Somehow, life and spirit complement every twist of finger and every focus on precision crafts made. Consequently, I adore handcrafts made and how beauty can be brought to life even from mundane materials.

So, I fancy the works of the religious from the Himalayas who create handicrafts like religious beads, reflection pillows and rugs, singing bowls, prayer flags and wheels, incense, wool handbags, gongs, wooden masks and bronze statues.

It is a first time to me to know that there are Crystal Singing Bowls that actually produce unique sound from a special gong and their new products, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Water Spring Bowls or Fountain Bowls that when you rub your hands against their handles, the bowl spouts a water like a fountain. Quite unique indeed!

The singing bowls' sound have been carefully catalogued and have taken pictures of each bowl that produces the unique music and this goes with the selling of the piece to make sure that the customer is really getting what she or he likes.

And since religion is global, one need not to be a Buddhist or something to reflect or meditate, so these beautiful handcrafts will do good for reflection and relaxation. They ship internationally and accept credit cards and even Paypal. Best of all, they guarantee a money-back just in case they gave you the wrong order or is defective. Cool!