Saturday, October 31, 2009

Top Super Models with Top Bucks

I did feature in my previous posts from Forbes facts, the supermodels that are really raking it big with their model stints and all. As featured Yahoo Shine, Gisele Bundchen still sits as the leading model with highest earnings of $25M a year.

Gisele Bundchen celebrity profile

Photo source:

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We Need More Fashion Stocks

What is so unique and predictable about fashion business is that people would always want something new, something different and something cheezy at lower rates.

Although, a number of elite would want brands, greater mass would want beauty at lowest and cheapest prices.

So, our fashion stocks are depleting but we are not earning much since they are sold only at cheaper rates, and the weather is not helping, since, the extreme weather is on, we can only wish for a ski vacation at remote areas.

We shall be getting newer stocks now, but we have to really to look for cheap ones.

The Price of Beauty Vanity

How much are you willing to pay for beauty? I guess, for some they would say, no price is enough for them.

Beauty requires greater costs I we are really not contented of how ourselves look like. I guess this is pretty true among celebrity and models whose beauty and personality are their major asset.

No wonder cosmetic surgery is quite the solution among a number of celebrity. But, what if plastic surgery gone wrong? One can say, I love my old self better. LOL!

Just check this one image I got from the

Jocelyn Wildenstein- a socialite who paid $4 Million on plastic surgery gone wrong.

Before the surgery

After the surgery

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Recession Really Hits Fashion Industry Worst

In my previous posts in earlier months, the fashion and export industries are badly affected by economic recession. No wonder, cheap textiles, shoes, bags and apparel have prevailed the market. Worst, used clothes are becoming the preferred choice these days.

A number of companies have declared bankrupt or laid off employees worldwide because of economic crisis. So, it is only wiser that we prioritize our expenses or better yet go for term life insurance quotes before anything else.

We can only wish that crisis will be soon resolved or else, a number of unemployed will continue to rise.

Our Fashion Store's Sales

In business there are really days when the sales are good while there are days that they are bleak. In our mall space, the days have been sadder even if it weekend.

We can only wish for better days and we hope to get more stocks. I hope the budget will still allow it since I am all drained from vacation. sigh!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Clothes, Old Friends

I am back to Zamboanga City and I have the chance to meet my old buddies. There were a lot of catching up but I mostly get good praises for looking better and happier. I guess, it helps when you are happy with your work and family. Although, I must admit, I gained extra weight for constant sitting and couch potato with computer, TV and their mounts.

But, I have to say inner and outer beauty complements. If one is insufficient, no enough therapy or medications or accessories can hide what is missing.

So, I must do to take off the extra weight but feeling better still. I only hope I have the constant courage to go for exercise. sigh!

What Kind of Swimsuit Are You?

You Are a Speedo

You are a total showoff. You were probably the class clown as a kid.

And now that you're grown up, you're as funny as ever.

You love making people laugh, even if they're laughing at you.

You are shameless... and there's something very adorable about that!

Fashion Boutique Plus. . .

Apart from the fashion boutiques we have, we wanted to start our humble food carts but we have to renovate the space to accommodate the changes that we need to see and use for the carts to work. For one, we need some dining tables and chairs and kitchen sinks.

The boutique has somehow become bleak because of recession but we cannot lose hope from everything, we can only strategize from can be saleable to others.

My Friend Wants My Bags

Do you ever experience when someone appreciates your outfit and some of the stuffs you where? Of course, the normal feeling will be to have that pride but I want to share that same joy too by selling some of the bags and other items we have at our store to friends and other acquaintances.

My old buddy only loves to see the things we sell even through my blogs, so, I can only give her my blog sites. I only hope, she finds what she will like.

Fashion Display Window To Go

Now that we have two exhibit stalls, we find it harder to maximize the space by placing enough display racks and office furniture where we can display our watches, earrings, necklaces, anklets, tops, pants, shoes and more.

Using the right interior design and display psychology matters a lot in our fashion boutique. People love to see something new that I change the display of my mannequins every two days. That way, we get to invite more potential buyers to drop by. Somehow, it works for us.

I only wish we can pick up with our sales to cover all the rest of the store's expenses.


I got this XOXO bag from our store and since it has been the highly picked brands in the city, I am just happier that I was able to get a nice bag for myself.hehehehhehe!

At least this can be a good bag for party or something. LOL!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Love Tee Shirts

What is your usual top? Normally, if I am not on flirty or feminine mood, I simply wear t-shirts. I quite remember that when years ago, my wardrobe would only include baggy pants and loose t-shirts and more t-shirts that I was dubbed as geek and lesbian. No wonder, guys were at a distant, I always thought I was ugly or something.

But, after years of work and marriage, I became more confident with myself and with my looks. Thus, it matters a lot to me that I wear something comfortable and pleasing too. I quite wear blouses and flirty and trendy tops to match my light mood.

But, tee shirts are still my favorites, especially cute and chic shirts to match my shoes, pants and bags. I always love humorous and flirty shirts.

Since I have been a teacher for eleven (11) years, I find the tee - shirt text from Bingo Fashion above funny and nice.

There were simply a number of cute and funky shirt designs for men and women of all age group. Funny too that even those who are into Bingo Games, there are cute shirts only for them!

Best of all, shirts can be customized with pictures from your collection. I always love to put this text on my shirt: SORRY IF I CAN'T HELP TO BE ATTRACTIVE AND SEXY!

What Kind of Fashionable Woman Are You?

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Crowned Miss General Santos: Our Fashion Model

Ms. Romarie at 2009 Festival Queen Beauty Pageant Aliwan Awarding Night
photo source: bariles
Ms. Romarie, 2008 Crowned Ms. General Santos and
2008 Ms. Aliwan - First Runner -up

During our mall exhibit, our good friend, Romarie happened to see one of our dresses. I told her where she would use it, she simply replied, it would be a show hosting with the actor, Vargas.

So I told her, the dress is on us. She was however, reluctant that she bought another dress to accept our freebie.

On the show day, we simply waited for Romarie to sport our dress, got some pictures and left off. hahhahahah! Seeing her was more important than seeing the actor. Yikes!

Cool Freezing Fashion

I wish in the Philippines, it will snow. We wish to do many things with the snow. For one, skating and ski would be two of the things that I should do with the ice.

Although, in certain areas of the country ice rinks are developed for figure or ice skating. So, in spite of our tropical weather, most of the people who live in the city go through different recreational activities to boost.

But, one of the things I wish I can try is skiing. The skiing equipment is definitely expensive but then it also mean, finding ways how to do the hobby at minimal rates.

Normally, people would just buy or rent deer valley ski rentals just like any great company who take pride in their services.

It may be a remote possibility for us Filipinos but people who love skiing can go to different ski destinations including in California, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and British Columbia. Best of all, you can have access to your equipment through online reservation and rent delivery to your doorsteps, may it be at your home or at your ski destinations.

You can reserve for skis, boards, helmets and other accessories. They always bring extra pairs of boots and other stuffs just in case what you ordered don't fit at all. And, if in case you wish to buy what you have rented, they can give a special package. Most importantly, they can be booked all over the year not just on holiday seasons. So, if you simply want to have fun, check them right away.

Halloween Costume for the Kids!

Our bogeyboys!
Today is my kid and nephew's halloween party at school. They have to of course, dress up with any scary get - ups. I happened to but two good sets of their costumes and loot bags for their treats.

My kid wish to go to their school with the face mask but we just have to ask him to wear it when he reached school.

They sure had fun with the entire school's scary outfits.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Necklaces Accentuate Beauty

It is believed that necklaces as accessories had started as early as Stone Age where people would wear mollusks as a jewelry accessory. About 80,000 years ago, archaeologists found strung mollusk neck piece somewhere in South Africa.

Elsewhere like in Egypt, Greece and Iraq, various necklaces made from gold, ore, beads, stones and other ornaments accentuated every royalty and even commoner.

To this date, different necklace variants prevail the market. Some are made of gold, silver while the rest are done in native or other local materials. Regardless of the accessory type, necklaces and other accessories have conquered not only the female sector but even the opposite side covering wide - range age.

Others consider necklace as part of their religion like the wearing of cross for pendants for some Christians. These may be plain adornments to others but for some these carry a spiritual meaning.

Also, some necklaces pose stature meaning. I guess the quality, beauty and brands can tell the difference between high - end necklaces from very ordinary ones. Fine necklaces jewelry prevailed not only in physical stores but have conquered online medium too. And, who could be more happy but the clients who can't do without jewelry. Jewelry like necklaces speak about personality. Thus, different people wear different choice of accessory. So each piece of jewelry art is unique and special that in spite of its price, only delight can be sought from wearing it.

I personally have my own collection, ranging from earrings, bangles to necklaces of different types and monetary worth. But, I won't trade them for anything else. I can only buy more.

Thus, jewelry industry continues to flourish and the quality continues to excite every interesting person including me.

Yummy Choco Paris Fashion

Yummy sexy!
photo source:

I once saw this featured chocolate fashion in a local news, and since I am a chocolate fanatic, I could only be glued to the TV screen.

And, sweet it is that I was able to find a video clip and allowed it to share it to others. Check the video I got from I just wish to honor the gowns and salivate at the same time.hahhahahha!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cool Ski Fashion

I am always fascinated with skiing although in the Philippines, this is quite remote. But, my family in Wisconsin where considered to be the coldest state in USA, love to go skiing on the city's play area. They have been wanting to find a new place for tourist visit and real skiing is highly favored. There are indeed a number of sites offering ski deals and Fast Track Ski is highly preferred for its best ski visits.

In a pretty cold place, one can only wear the most appropriate ski fashion; something that is warm, comfortable and stylish. Normally, the attire takes 3 layers at the minimum to keep the person warmed.

Acquired from

But, in my case, since I am allergic to coldness, I shall be getting more than 3 layers! I may be using a heater to complement the warm attire. My biological family will somehow require number of attire layers just to heat them up!

My kid quite loves the snow so, skiing shall complete his liking for inline blades. We quite support his recreation as a form of exercise. So, I am pretty sure that skiing can be as exciting. There are indeed good ski destinations including Austria, France, Italy, Canada and Andorra. I wish my Wisconsin family can finally visit one of the coolest and nicest destination for skiing.

Extending our Fashion Boutique Exhibit

our Robinsons' exhibit

our Gaisano mall's exhibit

Our Robinsons Mall Exhibit was supposed to end tonight since we were just earning little compared to the exhaustion we put in.

I have to hurdle between attending to the business and writing reviewers for my kid. But, after negotiation with the organizer and my sister, Tammy, we decided to extend our stay at Robinsons until October 13 and at Gaisano until October 16.

I have been having zero sales from the past 2 days. I pretty guess that the consumer prefer to stay more at the newly opened Robinsons than the old Gaisano.

I just hope our sales would improve because records show that we are losing instead of earning. Sigh!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Outrageous Ramp Style

Isaac Mizrahi's 2009 fall collection!

I got this pretty wacky fashion design that models did ramp on a catwalk. I quite like different and unique dressing - up, but I will not dare to wear this strange outfit. Hahhahah!

Although, there could be other who are gutsy enough to wear just about anything. But, when you started to age and gain weight, dressing up can be that struggling and imposing.

The extra weight I put on made me highly consider exercise again and best weight loss pills to at least make me feel good and to feel more energetic than my usual lethargic mood.

Would you dare to wear any outrageous outfit?

What Kind of Shoe Are You?

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Hard working and business like, you always dress and act appropriately.

You are consistent and a bit conservative.

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So are professional at work... but more laid back when your with your friends.

You should live: In a huge city

You should work: In a competitive field where you can rise to the top

Getting Tired with our Boutique

It has been more than two weeks since we started with our boutique exhibit at mall and we have been sleeping late and getting all drained with the selling that I get eye bugs and some nasty pimple and acne.

We shall however, end our exhibit our Robinsons Place exhibit tomorrow and not extend anymore since we are simply breaking even with income and expenses.

Worse, we did not earn much in our other mall exhibit today. I just wish tomorrow will pick up to at least make the exhibit more worthwhile.

What Kind of Sandal Are You?

You Are Thong Sandals

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Fashion Driving

I learned how to drive now and I simply have to muster my guts to start driving solo and to start manning our four - wheel vehicle. Although, I don't drive alone since I could not see much with my motorbike. That is why, I ask my sisters to go with me whenever I drive to our store.

But, I want my vehicles, bike and cars to have some cool fashion style. I have seen cars with fashion prints of animals and fairies among others and cool bike and truck accessories. Pretty exciting and inviting indeed!

Fun Fashion of Friends-Bloggers

from Left to Right: With my sister, Tammy, Cindy, Donna and Me

We got this picture during the resto bar opening of our friend-blogger, Donna. We simply had fun with the food, concert and some fun time with some friends.

Nothing is more special than happy times with good buddies!

Fashion: Paris Hilton and Her Pets

I got this nice Youtube video clip on Paris Hilton and her fave pets. I sure like this lady's fashion statement and her nice looking pets and their chic fashion style.

I love dogs and birds a lot beyond that shall be a no - no. We do have a number of ways how to take care of our pets: exercise, basic needs, health care, affection and some cool pet beds.

Pets nowadays have become part of their owner's daily lifestyle that they can even wander around with them and simply have fun! Cool!

What Kind of Facial Hair Are You?

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You are meticulous and a bit of a striver. You like every detail of your life to be perfect.

You are calculating and cunning. You are more aggressive than you seem, but you know how to get your way nicely.

You crave success and respect. You carefully take stock of what you have and what you want. Then you make a plan on how to get it.

You work harder than anyone you know, and more importantly, you work smarter too. you are constantly improving yourself.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

How Outer Beauty Affects Others

Although there is a saying that, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," we could not actually control it if we lose our self-confidence simply because we know that our looks have something unusual. I hate pimples and acnes and whenever I get them, I make use of topical treatment to make the lumpness subside.

But have you heard of rosacea? It is chronic condition characterized by facial erythema or redness as defined by Wikipedia. Although, it is harmless unless it irritates the eyes, treatment can be made to address the inflammation.

It says to be a curse of the Celts and run among the Caucasians and from the European descents however, studies show that anyone from different ethnicity can acquuire this. Sad thing, however, it generally affects the women at peak age of 30 - 60 years old. According to, symptoms include:

  • Redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead.
  • Small visible blood vessels on the face.
  • Bumps or pimples on the face.
  • Watery or irritated eyes.
Poor looks can actually affect self-esteem and with that social skills among others are highly affected because of facial or skin conditions. It is however, nice to know that treatment like rosacea treatment is there to address rosacea among other illnesses.

I have friends and family who simply have worse facial condition and I always feel sorry that they have to spend extra simply because their condition is different from the others. So, any treatment and therapy is always welcoming if it means improving their condition and their self-esteem.

Beauty Titlists Plus the Wannabes!

The titlists at the middle plus me, my sister Tammy and Sheng!
Can we qualify? hahhahahahhaha!

Last October 2 was a fun day for all bloggers in SOCSKSARGEN as we joined a fellow blogger-friend, DONNA, in her resto-bar grand opening and Air Supply Concert.

The Piyesta KTV Bar and Resto's opening was a blast when General Santos City beauty titlists were there to highlight the concert, eating and drinking. Of course, we simply joined the fun!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cool Tooth Art

Exciting and Chic Tooth Art
photo source:

I posted in one of the articles here some art on finger and tooth nails. Funny though that I found some images of some tooth art and I pretty find them cool only that I won't actually prefer them in my mouth. haahahhahaha!

I wonder how they actually did the art but I pretty guess this is just a stick on. If dentures, orthodontics, and implant dentist Plano among other dental services to improve dental condition and beauty, many a number is quite interested.

Driving on Heels

Today, I mustered all my guts to once again drive our motorbike with my sister, Tammy. It is a first for both of us to be driving the bike and so, I was just more worried.

Worst, that I have to be fashionista still that I have to wear my 3-inch shoes to complement my attire but caused so added inconvenience while driving. We had to head to Gaisano Mall during the mall exhibit and I was just confident knowing that the road would not be that busy.

I was all sweating and trembling but I had to compose myself otherwise we might have a road problem than a smooth driving.

After the exhibit, my partner had to ask us to go to the newly-opened Robinsons Shopping Mall. Just imagine the pack of riders and commuters heading to and fro the area. I was just too careful and running in a 20-30kph. hahahhahahha!

Somehow, I learned my lessons to wear more comfortably when driving and to drive as often as I can to overcome my fear.