Thursday, October 1, 2009

Driving on Heels

Today, I mustered all my guts to once again drive our motorbike with my sister, Tammy. It is a first for both of us to be driving the bike and so, I was just more worried.

Worst, that I have to be fashionista still that I have to wear my 3-inch shoes to complement my attire but caused so added inconvenience while driving. We had to head to Gaisano Mall during the mall exhibit and I was just confident knowing that the road would not be that busy.

I was all sweating and trembling but I had to compose myself otherwise we might have a road problem than a smooth driving.

After the exhibit, my partner had to ask us to go to the newly-opened Robinsons Shopping Mall. Just imagine the pack of riders and commuters heading to and fro the area. I was just too careful and running in a 20-30kph. hahahhahahha!

Somehow, I learned my lessons to wear more comfortably when driving and to drive as often as I can to overcome my fear.