Monday, October 19, 2009

I Love Tee Shirts

What is your usual top? Normally, if I am not on flirty or feminine mood, I simply wear t-shirts. I quite remember that when years ago, my wardrobe would only include baggy pants and loose t-shirts and more t-shirts that I was dubbed as geek and lesbian. No wonder, guys were at a distant, I always thought I was ugly or something.

But, after years of work and marriage, I became more confident with myself and with my looks. Thus, it matters a lot to me that I wear something comfortable and pleasing too. I quite wear blouses and flirty and trendy tops to match my light mood.

But, tee shirts are still my favorites, especially cute and chic shirts to match my shoes, pants and bags. I always love humorous and flirty shirts.

Since I have been a teacher for eleven (11) years, I find the tee - shirt text from Bingo Fashion above funny and nice.

There were simply a number of cute and funky shirt designs for men and women of all age group. Funny too that even those who are into Bingo Games, there are cute shirts only for them!

Best of all, shirts can be customized with pictures from your collection. I always love to put this text on my shirt: SORRY IF I CAN'T HELP TO BE ATTRACTIVE AND SEXY!