Friday, November 20, 2009

Fashion Style and More

I was way too old - fashioned with my style and taste before since my wardrobe was limited to colors blue, brown and black with old - maid slacks and blouses. I was even teased to be 10 years older.

But, somehow my mother in-law had pressured me to dress up pleasantly that I began mixing and matching colors, accessories, bags and shoes. Well, the rest is history.

Now, that we have our fashion store, we have to be at pace with the current trends. We have to at least show off these newest styles to our potential customers. Internet through our Linksys router indeed helps us a lot.

The family helps us too with getting, comparing and assessing styles and how they shall suit the Filipino unique taste.

Kids' Style

In the Philippines, people are normally on sweat shirt of sleeveless shirts and shorts. Blame this to the humid and hot weather in the country.

The kids are always on "sando" or short sleeves just to cool them off. I got the picture below of my kid and his friends.

Fun Masks for Mommy and Kid

My kid and I had one of the good mall times while we attend to our mall exhibit space. We happened to see some good costume masks. These will be great accessories especially that holiday parties are up and coming.

Whatever is the occasion, it is always worthwhile with loved ones.

What Style of Womens Jeans Are You?

You Are No Pocket Jeans

You are confident and completely comfortable with your body.

You don't mind showing off - in fact, you put it all out there!

Devil Wears a Prada- Just My Favorite Too!

I love Anne Hathaway that most of her movies are normally watched. And, I wont mind viewing again and again one of my personal favorites, Devil Wears a Prada. Meryl Streep is perfect for the role. But, what I persistently love the movie is the appealing fashion styles of the wardrobes worn by the cast.

I quite love the accessories including the diamonds earrings, necklaces, bags and shoes ramped from beginning to end.

Indeed, fashion style is hard work and creativity of people behind every masterpiece. Shall I watch this movie again for the nth time? There shall be no denying about this. hahahaha!

I Need Comfy Casual Clothes

Since I am back to school while I attend to the business, I am forced to wear slacks again and miss my regular wardrobes of pants and shirts.

The casual attire makes me uncomfortable especially if my sister invites me to wander around. hahhahah!!!!

However, I just need to abide by the school policies otherwise, it can be taken against me and reprimand me instead. tsk tsk tsk! I guess, I just have to scout for more slacks then.

Philippine Fashion Week 2009

There have been a number of renowned Filipino designers, here and abroad. And, I am simply proud to be a Filipino as Filipino Designers ramp their talents out.

The Twilight Saga Continues: New Moon and Fashion

New Moon Official Poster

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEhhhh!!! Finally, one of my personal favorites is being shown among cinemas. The Twilight Saga: New Moon is officially opened worldwide. We will have the chance to see the movie tomorrow and enjoy every romantic line and cool wardrobes of our romantic pair, Bella and Edward.

Here is their official movie poster from

Bags and More Bags For Us!!!

Our fashion store sells of sorts of fashion stuffs. I used to buy stuffs from other stores but quality and price usually restrain me from continually buying them.

We have bags that are of pure leather to native stuffs including abaca, a natural plant in the Philippines.

Bags are just my favorites but I have been wanting to buy Samsonite luggage since they are known to last longer. I am also looking for a back pack laptop bag so it would be easier to drive on my motorbike while carrying the rest of my books and basic essentials.

Now, I have three super big sizes of fashion bags, I can only search for more. hahahahha!


I quite like the movie Shopaholic because I am quite guilty too. I practically buy bags, shoes and RTW's more than I should. hahahhaah!!!!

But, when I started having my business, I learned how difficult it is to earn. So, this movie was quite amusing and appealing.

Shopaholic Wallpaper

We can always indulge with shopping but the lesson always falls to being responsible. hmmmnnn, quite difficult! I might as well forget the idea.hahahha!

Fashion Accessoories Are More Saleable!

In spite of the hard life, people still buy for fun and vanity. In our store, the saleable are the accessories which include earrings, necklaces and watches.

Although, we buy RTW's every now and then, we buy more accessories as often as possible. But competition is quite stiff for us since there are a number of sellers of accessories too. We can only hope that we shall have newer and more stylish stocks to show off.

I have to go back to designing of the accessories too.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silver Accessories I Love

Tiffany's Heart Link Bracelet
(Already marked for my shopping basket)

I do like fashion accessories and as much as I can, I buy different styles to complement my mood. I got good sets of hearts, stars and various styles of pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

The latest addition to my collection was the one I bought, a Tiffany silver heart necklace. My other close friends do want to have it but since there is no other duplicate design, I rather contain the urge to give up the Tiffany necklace.

So, it is nice to know that there is an online store for Tiffany jewelry for my collection and for friends and family as holiday gifts. Indeed, Best Gift for Christmas – Tiffany Jewelry can make a happy difference among our loved ones.

My sister bought a key necklace but she is looking for a pair of earrings to match this. I simply can't wait to tell her about Tiffany's store.

What is nice about this store is that they can ship the orders worldwide with minimum freight rate. They accept payments through credit or debit card and even through Western Union. Best of all, all the silver jewelry is 100% silver authentic and guaranteed of highest quality. Their products do come from competent and professional jeweler, so we are assured that every penny we pay is really worth the jewelry that we will be buying.

And, if we are not satisfied for any acceptable reason, the site accepts package return according to their return policies.

Plus, discounts await for bulk purchases and the freight remains the same. Quite cool! Now, that holidays are coming, I can only identify the possible jewelry gifts I can choose. The site is easy to navigate, so do check it now.

Iron Art for Us

My husband did print a nice picture of my sisters and me on a iron - based material. He did make cute sizes of the picture and I had my copies ironed on my notebook's jacket. My sisters had the material ironed on her pants. Good for the pictures because they are washable. They can even be modified for better looks.

We hope to have this part of our business but we still have to find a way how to make it work.

Bleak Sales for My Fashion Store

When we decided to have a bazaar exhibit at the mall, we hope to have good sales. However, unlike last summer where the sales were better, this time, most of the days were bleak.

Our sales are not enough to pay off the rent and salary. I have to buy a dress from the store to at least break off the bad energy. It has been two days when my sales are zero. Good thing that my sister-partner is earning, at least she gets to pay her share of the rent.

We can only wish for better days ahead.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fashion Store Soon To Take Ground

We were already told that we were promised a mall space and shall simply wait for call to verify on space requirements and leasing agreements.

And, since we are only a humble beginner in business, we don't have enough financial resources to really start the tenant arrangement on our own. We have to employ some foreign aid.

I did write financial cost and benefit analysis, draft my business plans with inputs from business plan consultants to at least guide me with the paper content.

Wisdom from the experienced businessmen and learnings from the mistakes of others shall aid us too. We only wish we can really make it well. This is now the difference from running your business and from being employed only. We have to think of everything.

I only hope we can really make it well.

Corporate Dress Codes

In schools, dress code among faculty is quite strict and defined. Of course, jeans is a no-no but after getting used to field works and office jobs where jeans was the usual style, wearing something different to school is unlikely.

I was told by my former student, now my direct superior not to wear jeans, I told her, I need to because of my business and that I only go to school on part time arrangement. But, since I don't want to embarrass her, I shall gladly abide.

But, I want to share these tips about corporate dress codes for those who at times are also lost.

Read here for the complete details.

Sibling Fashion

Tammy and I
My other sibling
The other younger sibling and the beautiful witches. hhahahha!
Tammy and I on a party (again)

My younger siblings and I simply love to shop, ramp and shoot. hahahhah! We like to play around especially if there are parties. And unlike in the past where my wardrobe was limited to jeans and loose shirts, I always get to prepare now my cute tops and comfy pants and sexy shoes and bag to complement.

But, regardless of the event or wardrobe, it is always the time with the sisters that make every day fun.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Job Demo Outfit for Me!

I applied to another school and since my wardrobe was limited and quite fancy, I simply chose a long brown pair of slacks, long yellow printed blouse with long sleeves, a pair of brown flat shoes. I was quite all tense that I felt my knees elbow and my hands all cold.

I spent the evening before the big day consumed with frustrated working experience but working with demo presentations until late midnight.

I somehow hid the dark eye circles with only a good pressed powder and a blush on. I don’t know it help but since I was hired for a new job, I can only be happier.

Mall Space for Our Boutique

One of the mall exhibits we did and eventually relocated to a permanent mall space

The mall space that we have been waiting for is finally being constructed. We can only be anxious and excited about it that I hardly sleep thinking of ways how I can raise enough capital to sustain the interior designs and new cheaper stocks.

Business management is quite tough compared to just reading it from the notes. I can only take wisdom from those who have been in the industry for a long time. Learn from their mistakes and re-live the good practices.

By then, we shall relocate our stocks from the mall exhibit and the old place.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Spring Fashion Collection

In the Philippines where tropical weather is all year round, spring collections from all over the world are quite appealing to us.

Filipinos, commoner or not simply adore local and international celebrities of their choice of fashion. And, just like any other Filipino, I appreciate the flower - and - pastel highlighted outfits.

So, here is another video clip from Youtube of the 2009 Spring Collections of Diane Von Furstenberg.

The collections are great but the models are skinny again. Do they also use appetite suppressants to control their weight gains?

It may take me years to have that kind of figure. But, somehow, wearing the right fit, right color may hide the extra bulges.

I still have to work on these unwanted lumps on my belly to look good on spring clothes.

My Cake Decors Mean

You Are a Romantic Wedding

For you, love is sweet and precious. You don't love easily, but those you do love are showered with affection.

To be unloved would probably make it hard for you to love again. It's hard enough for you to love as is.

Romantic love is very intense for you... and very private. You aren't one to talk about your relationship with others.

You may even keep your love a secret at first. You don't like opening up our relationship to scrutiny and gossip.

Do You Want These Beauty Cosmetics?

Bird's Poop Facial Treatment
photo source:

I quite have read some strange and unique sources for beauty regimen. I have seen these products made from goat's milk, placenta, soya, plant's extracts and many more.

But, what if your beauty products come from more strange sources like bird's poop, bull's semen, or gorilla snot? Geez, they give me creeps but in some countries like United Kingdom or Mexico, these sources are actually commercially used and sold.

I only wondered if there are really health studies on these and good reviews like colon cleanse reviews to boost.

Click here to read more of these.

10 Strangest Fashion Accessories

What is the most strange fashion accessory I have ever worn? Hmnnnn, I can only think of my nickel dime dangling earrings.hahhahahah!

But, wait until you check these 10 strangest fashion accessories. You will think that people are simply creative and insane. hehehehhe!

Tear Jewelry for the eye

Click here to view more.

Fashion Runway for Spring 2010

I did check what could be the expected fashion trends now that the new year is coming fast. I was simply fortunate enough to search from Youtube and got this project runway of great designers, Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Milly by Michelle Smith, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Anna Sui, and Doo.Ri.

There were nice designs and styles that I personally like but as usual, I kinda wonder when I can have the weight and aura of the ramp models. I am pretty sure that diet, exercise and
diet product help them achieve their present sizes.

The models are simply too skinny that I wonder if the dresses they put on may appear as beautiful if they are worn by big people like me.

Selling Fashion Accessories

Our mall exhibits did not bring much income at all. Somehow, the exhibit was a break - even case scenario only.

We can only appreciate the fact that somehow, our old stocks had been sold out.

But, what seems to be more saleable nowadays are replicas of signature watches, silver and gold - plated accessories and some cheap shirts and sundresses.

We cant blame the people though, since recession has been bad.

We can only hope for improved sales in the coming days.

Appealing Boutique Themes for Us

We only began our fashion boutique month ago but when we started our mall exhibits, we were kind of lost on how we should manage our sales and customer service.

Somehow, benchmarking with other exhibitors and other stores help us improve our hands - on skills. But,among the many things we have learned, designing our stall and our stocks somehow has psychological impact among our customers. Picking the right color, arrangement, furniture and Kohler fixtures helps improve or breaks the sales.

Oftentimes, the stocks are so disarrayed that our fellow exhibitor-friend would rearrange them to make them more appealing.

We still have so many things to learn from the fashion industry and business.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

General Santos Bloggers Fashion, Hmnnn!

just the cool and wacky bloggers from the south!
the bloggers family !

Last October 10, SOCCSKSARGEN bloggers gathered at the newly - opened Robinsons for some reunion and planning, we ended up having fun with DEREK, the actor and food eating from the sponsors. hahahhahah!

Filipino Ethnic Festival Costumes

The T'boli Girls
Picture source: Traveler's Companion: Philippines

November is a special month for Sarangani Province since they celebrate the MunaTo or the first people, Festival. The province is quite rich with ethnic culture covering B'laan, T'boli, Manobo and the Muslims.

As a former employee for the province, I can't help but promote the wonders of this Mindanao festival to everyone.

Cooler Fashion for Cooler Days!

Now that Christmas holidays are coming, the weather seems getting colder each morning. Of course, I have to shift between long pajamas and short pants.

But, what I pretty like about Santa Claus holidays is the reunion and parties I get to attend while others wear some party costumes including lingerie costume to boost.

When September comes in, the entire Filipinos start to become festive and creative with all the holiday decors and accessories. But, there are always the winter fashion from the snowing countries that fascinate us to the point that we impersonate them.

We can only wish for snow and holidays too soon.

Taxes for Christmas Bazaars

In the current news given earlier, it was announced that the Bureau of Internal Revenues (BIR) shall be collecting taxes from Christmas Bazaars starting December 5 where Php 100.00-150.00 per day shall be collected.

I must say as an exhibitor that we only earn and cope with the crisis because of the holiday rush and now BIR is simply too eager to skin us alive. As a small business, taxes and operational costs really burn us although these are only fair but I wish they can give exceptions especially to those who only do business on very very short time compared to the recession that has been occuring for months now.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Accessorize and accessorize more!

One of my picks from Zenni Optical's wide - array of Holiday Fun Eyeglasses

Who says beauty only comes from the clothes we wear? I say it is a total package when I want to see someone beautiful head to toe. Oftentimes, we accessorize through a classy pair of earrings, bangles or anklets, stylish necklaces, hats and eye contacts or eye glasses.

But, the choice of accessories matters a lot. Somehow, they must complement one’s color, the mood and the entire outfit.

The thing with accessories is that they are supposed to accentuate the beauty of the wearer not distract or embarrass.

So, the eye glass I picked above shall complement my streaks of white and green outfit, bags or sandals and flip flops. There are other cute eye wears from the New Arrivals with as low as $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses.

I say, when we buy our accessories, we must not only take delight from them but from the praises we also get from others.

Conventional But Elegant Wedding of Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez

photo source:

Unlike any other celebrity weddings, the wedding of vice - president aspirant, Mar Roxas and the renowned journalist, Korina Sanchez was nationally watched on October 27 and lavished with traditional barong tagalogs, Maria Clara gowns and culture of 40's and 50's. Of course, the wedding was simply filled with hundreds of well - wishers from showbiz, politics and the general public.

Korina Sanchez' serpentina wedding gown in Filipinana motif was made by Pepito Alberto. Of course, the entire Filipinos simply watched and enjoyed the love story of these newlyweds and the stories they shall continue to make.

Fashion Replicas

Recession really hits not only USA but so are countries worldwide. This is quite evident by the downfall of a number of big business icons and close - downs of small and medium enterprises.

In the Philippines, it is the fashion and export industries that are badly affected. No wonder, replicas or imitations and retailed merchandises are preferred including those gadgets like cell phones, computers, TV, players, faucets,watches and others.

Europeans say we can be optimistic that economic recession shall finally end but we have to be cautious with spending. I quite agree with them.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Miss Earth for a Real Cause

With the series of typhoons hitting Philippines and the rest of the world, this Miss Earth 2009 must indeed make a real legacy by compelling people to save the earth before it's really too late.

I can only hope that each of us can be a be an earth person and help.

Gadget Dress Up?

When I took my masteral class in Inforrmation Technology, one of my college professors had this cute laptop with classic stick on art on his unit. My classmates then started querying about it. But, the professor said he is doing it himself at pricey amount.

I know that there are now a number of special stick - on papers for digital prints. I have our picture printed on a stick-on to clothes. I have the picture glued on my notebook's jacket.

But, gadgets like MP3, cell phones, Logo jump drive and computers among other things are getting frenzy and popular.

At least you don't have to get bored with the usual look of your gadget. Cool! Art and technology have indeed changed the pavement of art history.

Monday, November 2, 2009

2009 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Heidi Klum on her hosted Halloween Party
photo source:

In the conclusion of Halloween, I did search for some celebrity costumes and how worst or best are they with their cool costumes.

I did find some costumes from Heidi Klum annual halloween party. Click here for other pictures.