Monday, December 28, 2009

Packed Fashion Boutique

Since we were done with the last exhibit where our sales were depressing, we simply hailed packed the stuffs through big boxes and kept them in the boxes since we were thinking, we would move them anyways to our permanent mall space.

But, another month had passed, the mall space remains a remote idea because paper approvals are still pending. 

Our old space are quite constricted with boxes, displays and dust. I wish we have bigger space,  more display racks  and air filter   to clean the dusty and damp air.

We shall be joining the mall exhibit again this January. I can only wish we can do better with the sales.  Also, I hope the mall construction will start soon.

Beautiful Fireworks Display

Soon it would be New Year's eve, and as Filipino tradition, we scare away evil spirits of the coming year through fireworks and loud bangs.

When the December bazaar started last December 4, we quite witnessed these firework display. They were appealing indeed. We can only wait for the eve's display, and for sure, it would be more beautiful.

Fashion Exhibit Again

From the last exhibit we had

Some of the fashion accessories we have

We shall be done  with our food stall exhibit, and it was all exhausting with not much sales. Sigh!  I have to find really means to increase sales from exhibit in spite of economic crisis.  

Businesses are raking low on income when operational costs and taxes drain the sales. And since, we don't have the mall lease yet, my sister decided to join mall exhibit at lower daily rent to sell off accessories and RTW's for me. 

I really wish we can make up with the losses.

World's Most Expensive Car

Bugatti Veyron $1,700,000

How much willing are you to pay for vanity? I did wish to have my own car butt since we are not at all elite, it will take generous amount of time to have enough purchasing amount. 

But, wait till you see Top 10 Most Expensive Car.  Gosh, it may take a lifetime and some dreaming to even acquire the cheapest elite car. hahhahahah!

I wonder how much the car insurance  would be for these quite pricey vehicles. Well, I only wish for a decent vehicle to keep my head from sun and rain. 

These luxurious cars can be left to those who can pay and for us who can just dream of having these. hahahhahah!

Tissot Watch For a Gift

In the course of our mall wandering, we saw fine collection of great watches. We happened to see a Tissot lady watch, and I just fell in love with it.

I asked my hubby then if it can be asked for a gift. hahahhahahha! Tissot watches are known for elegance and quality among other things. Thus, I can only wait for my gift to come. 

Another Pending Fashion Store Exhibit

My sister, Tammy, wishes to go on bazaar exhibit again for our boutique as we wait for the mall's go signal on our permanent space lease. 

I would want to  have a break first from the continues exhibit since September but she is quite scarce with stocks that she persuaded me to try again.

We shall be packing again our RTW's and accessories to the mall through the family van. Somehow, the van had become a great help since it arrived from our old home. 

We did experience some mechanical glitches with it that rv towing  could have been helpful.  We remembered leaving it on the road since it  was too late to bring the mechanic to fix it. 

But, the family service had become a tremendous help not only for family travel but also for business operations.

We have to find means in the future to help upgrade and maintain it for lasting use. We may have to seek our parents' help to do all the needed upgrades. 

For the meantime, we shall endure the family van as we close the food stall and start the fashion exhibit again.

Family Tattoo

My sister with her arm tattoo
Another family on henna too

This is me with my star anklet henna print

During the course of our town bazaar exhibit, our co - exhibitor brought a henna tattoo artist. We were simply obliged to try the art in spite of school. hahhahaha!

I did get my hand and leg start chains while the rest of the family had their fair share of exotic and nice prints.

To read about history of Tattoo, click here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting Ready for Our Mall Boutique Space

We quite thought that the construction for the mall space shall be done this December to catch up with the holiday buying frenzy. However, the mall admin was simply too loaded with so many stuffs that we could only wait for them to be finally ready.

We did submit our store perspective earlier, hoping it would be approved soon, so we can work on their other requirements. Perhaps, by early next month, we can have the construction done and going. 


For now, we make use of our old store for regular stay. We have been moving our stocks almost to anywhere because of the store exhibits that we appear like  motorhomes   for posterity and portability.

We did not unpack anymore our stuffed things since we thought  we could move to our permanent space. We could not also find time to rearrange them since we are quite busy with our food stall too. Sigh!

Fashion Pop Princess: Sarah Geronimo

 When Bariles mentioned that there would be another concert blog contest, I simply wrote my piece and submitted it to him. I was only very lucky that I won the grand prize from Sarah Geronimo, Next One Concert. Yepey!

We were quite pleased since we got to sit on the courtyard side and had a close - up shots of this fine lady and her other guests. Every break, she would reappear with a new outfit. I was quite lucky to  get all of her concert fashion picks. Enjoy.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Kitchen Fashion

We did make our first all-food business this December by joining the city's Pasko Sa Gensan that will run until January 3, 2010.

We equipped the stall with the basic essentials needed to start and operate the business. But, somehow we are inconvenient by our inexperienced maneuver. Sigh!

We did fill in what we thought we need to make things lighter. But, in the process, it makes the operational costs more expensive. I still however, wish an electric griller or Ladybug steam to make the operations lighter.

I do help whenever I am in the stall but I normally, get more tensed and jumpy when people flock at our place. hahhahahah! It somehow, helps that we have two hired helpers and that my younger sibling helps around in spite of the meager allowance.

I could only wish the business be better since we simply have high operational expenses.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Miss Earth 2009 Winners

What could be more noble, but doing something for a cause. So, last November 2009, the much renowned Miss Earth had their coronation night. Miss Brazil Larissa Ramos earned the highest tilt as Ms Earth 2009.

Other winners are the following:

Miss Earth Fire 2009 – Miss Spain Alejandra Echevarria
Miss Earth Water 2009 – Miss Venezuela Jessica Barboza
Miss Earth Air 2009 – Miss Philippines Sandra Seifert


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hunting for Worldwide Fashion

Fashion is quite unique depending on culture, weather, environment, religion or lifestyle. That is why, fashion style actually varies from one place to another. Also, quality and price are quite relative to one another too.

When I decided to take a slow drive on my teaching career to concentrate on our new venture, the boutique and the food business, my sibling and I wanted to travel to different places and countries to check on various fashion offers from clothes and bags to accessories.

But, since we are not that well off, we only rely on travel packages or cruise deals. We wish to bring our loved ones too if our budget will allow it. I wish that it will be during summer vacation while classes are off.

There are simply too many potential travel destinations to include Europe, Hawaii, Middle East, Dubai, USA, Alaska, Japan or simply a world cruise. That can be very promising for anyone who travel for business, romance or otherwise.

We wanted to go to Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand and China to look for fashion apparel and accessories at better rates for better items. Once the mall space for our boutique goes operational, we simply have to travel regularly for best buys.

Further, my in - laws wanted us to go as tourist to visit them in Wisconsin, USA. With the business in place, we were told that we will have greater chance for approval.

And if resources permit it, I wish to visit Europe too. I am always fascinated by the elegance of the culture and structures of Europe.

When these proposed travels will be realized, we shall be filled with so much to place for our boutique.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just Cool Masks for Us!

Just a happy time with my kid when we happened to hang around the mall. Just like to fool around together. hahhaha!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Decors, Parties, and Stuffs!

Christmas worldwide is simply interesting to see. The local government of General Santos had started the Pasko sa Gensan project where the entire month of December is celebrated every day through live concerts, bazaar arcades, exhibits and more. We happen to get one stall for our food carts and we quite like the big Christmas tree all lit at the center of the city's open plaza. `

Our fashion store can now display more of the silky party dress and polo's for Christmas parties. Also, vacation shall start anytime around mid - December.

We shall however, celebrate the time with our food stall, upcoming mall boutique, blogging and more while others may travel or go to gulf shores alabama for a long relaxing bonding time with friends and family.

Christmas Costumes and More

Last December 4 was the opening of Pasko sa Gensan program to celebrate Christmas holidays for entire month.

Since, we have our food store at the city's local open plaza, we witnessed the Drum and Lyre Competition featuring Christmas songs at elegant and colorful costumes.

Christmas holidays are celebrated differently worldwide and we simply love December, somehow, it inspires us that things that had happened within the year can be better next year.

Maligayang Pasko sa Magandang Gensan!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rest From Boutique

We decided to diversify the business from RTW and accessories to food carts. I made use of the cart my younger sister acquired from O'Noodles Manila as I sell finger food including corn, tuna value-added embutido, lumpiang shanghai, siomai, hotdog and french fries with cold drinks. I will sure be needing fat burner to contain my desire to eat bunch of stuffs from my store and the rest.

We were able to get a big spot for food at the city's local open park where every day and night have their own programs.

We had to however, go home early since we don't have stocks anymore to sell. Yepey!!!!

I have to replenish my stocks tomorrow for another day of sales and hard labor.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

School Uniforms

As a teacher, I went to several schools and uniform is simply a basic identification among students and personnel.

I went to NDDU after college, STI, Pilar College, RMMC and now, I am back with STI again. Each school honors its uniform. This is the very reason why some institutions are quite strict with the use of uniform while committing scandalous or grave actions.

I quite miss my old schools but I am only happy that I get to visit them whenever I can.

Victoria Secret's $3-Million Bra

The $3-M bra worn by Marisa Miller
photo source:

It was this morning when this fabulous bra was aired and I was quite surprised how much is this basic necessity for women.

The bra was designed by Damiani. It is studded with diamonds of white, cognac and champagne colors. This is indeed a Fantasy Bra!

It's priced to be at $3-Million. WOW!!!!! Would you have this? I might enclosed it in a showcase instead. hahahahah!