Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Pending Fashion Store Exhibit

My sister, Tammy, wishes to go on bazaar exhibit again for our boutique as we wait for the mall's go signal on our permanent space lease. 

I would want to  have a break first from the continues exhibit since September but she is quite scarce with stocks that she persuaded me to try again.

We shall be packing again our RTW's and accessories to the mall through the family van. Somehow, the van had become a great help since it arrived from our old home. 

We did experience some mechanical glitches with it that rv towing  could have been helpful.  We remembered leaving it on the road since it  was too late to bring the mechanic to fix it. 

But, the family service had become a tremendous help not only for family travel but also for business operations.

We have to find means in the future to help upgrade and maintain it for lasting use. We may have to seek our parents' help to do all the needed upgrades. 

For the meantime, we shall endure the family van as we close the food stall and start the fashion exhibit again.