Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting Ready for Our Mall Boutique Space

We quite thought that the construction for the mall space shall be done this December to catch up with the holiday buying frenzy. However, the mall admin was simply too loaded with so many stuffs that we could only wait for them to be finally ready.

We did submit our store perspective earlier, hoping it would be approved soon, so we can work on their other requirements. Perhaps, by early next month, we can have the construction done and going. 


For now, we make use of our old store for regular stay. We have been moving our stocks almost to anywhere because of the store exhibits that we appear like  motorhomes   for posterity and portability.

We did not unpack anymore our stuffed things since we thought  we could move to our permanent space. We could not also find time to rearrange them since we are quite busy with our food stall too. Sigh!