Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hunting for Worldwide Fashion

Fashion is quite unique depending on culture, weather, environment, religion or lifestyle. That is why, fashion style actually varies from one place to another. Also, quality and price are quite relative to one another too.

When I decided to take a slow drive on my teaching career to concentrate on our new venture, the boutique and the food business, my sibling and I wanted to travel to different places and countries to check on various fashion offers from clothes and bags to accessories.

But, since we are not that well off, we only rely on travel packages or cruise deals. We wish to bring our loved ones too if our budget will allow it. I wish that it will be during summer vacation while classes are off.

There are simply too many potential travel destinations to include Europe, Hawaii, Middle East, Dubai, USA, Alaska, Japan or simply a world cruise. That can be very promising for anyone who travel for business, romance or otherwise.

We wanted to go to Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand and China to look for fashion apparel and accessories at better rates for better items. Once the mall space for our boutique goes operational, we simply have to travel regularly for best buys.

Further, my in - laws wanted us to go as tourist to visit them in Wisconsin, USA. With the business in place, we were told that we will have greater chance for approval.

And if resources permit it, I wish to visit Europe too. I am always fascinated by the elegance of the culture and structures of Europe.

When these proposed travels will be realized, we shall be filled with so much to place for our boutique.