Friday, December 18, 2009

Kitchen Fashion

We did make our first all-food business this December by joining the city's Pasko Sa Gensan that will run until January 3, 2010.

We equipped the stall with the basic essentials needed to start and operate the business. But, somehow we are inconvenient by our inexperienced maneuver. Sigh!

We did fill in what we thought we need to make things lighter. But, in the process, it makes the operational costs more expensive. I still however, wish an electric griller or Ladybug steam to make the operations lighter.

I do help whenever I am in the stall but I normally, get more tensed and jumpy when people flock at our place. hahhahahah! It somehow, helps that we have two hired helpers and that my younger sibling helps around in spite of the meager allowance.

I could only wish the business be better since we simply have high operational expenses.