Monday, December 27, 2010

Themed - Party Holidays

The holidays are soon to be over but reunions and parties continue to roll. In fact, the local government of General Santos City has this year's Christmas celebration with cartoon animation theme.

But, why are themed parties so popular that people really bother to spend and sport wacky apparel and costumes. I can only think of one basic reason, FUN.

I guess theme celebrations need not to be limited to parties, they can be incorporated to home and house improvements too like when we acquire glass mosaic tile with all the fancy themes we can think of.

Our boutique has sold Hawaiian dresses for beach - themed party and some cocktail dresses for ballroom - inspired celebrations. My sister had sure had fun when she wore a Japanese - manga maid in their Christmas party.

Regardless of the occasion, we can be innovative with our art and design to make a nice and favorable impression.

Why Signature Products are Made in Asia

Those who are signature brand - lovers are quite conscious of what they buy from our store but most often, they get to believe that what we sell especially our apparel, shoes, bags and accessories are authentic and sold at reasonable rates.

However, we have a few customers who question where we buy our stuffs. So, they check where the products are made and when they see that the stuffs are made in China, India, or in other Asian countries, they get an anxious eyebrow lift.

But, just like any big companies including DELL, LACOSTE, NIKE among others have outsourced to China and India among other countries because of cheaper manufacturing costs. However, in spite of the area of production, quality is still enforced.

Thus, those who know the mechanics of company outsourcing and quality standards, customers can still trust products that are made in non - USA or Europe areas.

Updating Our Store Website

our store website at

I started this blog site to just hold business tips and business stuffs for our Kreativ Boutique and since I want to maximize the site to allow e - commerce, I began to update it to include more stuff links to our products.

I just have to find time to work on programming and finally set shopping carts that will do well with the site. I hope that I can find time to do this before classes resume in January.

Somehow, online store can cater to clients outside General Santos City and reach to boundless number of possible customers.

For now, I just have to endure the website making and make it really more dynamic.

Boutique Renovation

My family member who happens to have architecture background and designed the entire boutique interior and structure suggests that we shall have the renovation 5 - 7 years to maximize the initial costs on construction.

But, should we push through with the new renovation, we hope to have a bigger space plus a little kitchen area with one of the fancy kitchen faucets to at least make the store operation handy.

At this time, our store space is so maximized that we somehow look like a congested mackerel in a tin can. We can only find ways to arrange stuffs, so, to make it more decent and elegant without really depriving the rest of our stocks. At least the clearance sale this December can decrease the number of piled stocks.

How to Know Bag Fraud

Together with perfumes, Kreativ Boutique is also house to different signature bags like Nine West, XOXO, Liz Claiborne, Coach, Fossil, Relativity, Kathy Van Zealand, Tommy Hilfiger, Gal, Guess and more. While we have repeating customers on bags, we have other potential customers who still check on the authenticity of our bags.

  • Price - if the new price of your new bag is way too far from the commercial price, then, start your anxiety.
  • Material Quality - with compromised quality, the price is also of lower value. Thus, when a certain Coach bag is sold at PHP 1200.00 ($30.00) compared to $100 value at least, then, you shall be ripped off.
  • Seller - if you have an independent seller, double check your bag's quality. But, if you can, go for legitimate sellers so you can put your anxiety at ease.

How to Identify Perfume Fraud

We have new perfume collection from Bath and Body Works together with our Victoria Secret's, Gucci, Adidas, Juicy, Hugo and other perfume lines. And, we are only prouder that the stuffs on display are authentic and all original.

We have repeating customers and potential ones and we oftentimes get questions like if what we sell are all authentic. But, how do we actually identify perfume fraud? You never really know if it's original until you have paid your hard earned money. So, I oftentimes use these criteria to tell weather a perfume is fraud or authentic.

  • Packaging - oftentimes, the prints on fake perfumes are light, misspelled, of poor quality among others. So, if you have purchased an authentic perfume, compare it with dubious perfumes and see the difference.
  • Price - authentic perfumes from different legitimate sellers only have a sensible price range. Thus, if your new perfume is of lower price, then, be anxious if what you have is authentic or not.
  • Scent - if you can't smell a thing or it smells different, then, you were ripped off or about to rip off. Normally, we advice our Kreativ Boutique customers to try a refill first of our scent and try it, and, if they are satisfied, they can be back again, and buy a bigger bottle. That way, they can test the scent themselves.
  • Seller - Check if your perfume seller is legitimate; if they get a number of repeating customers, then, most likely, they sell legitimate perfumes otherwise you won't see a soul in few hours. So, trust only legitimate sellers and every penny on perfume is all worth it.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

SOX Bloggers on Fashion and Mission

with the indigenous people on Mt Matutum for our Medical and Dental Mission with Rotary Club of Polomolok
the SOX boys after our pick up car would not budge upward a few times

the other community with our gift giving

with RC Polomolok President and fellow SOX Bloggers

Today has been a very wonderful and fulfilling day as the SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS joined the Rotary Club of Polomolok in our Dental and Medical Mission to indigenous people of Mt. Matutum. We had traveled on very bumpy and hot roads to the assembly areas but with awesome scenery and panorama of General Santos City and Polomolok on highlands, all our efforts had not gone in vain. We could only wish that we had barska to see clearly the beauty of our great lands.

So, sporting our SOX Bloggers' shirts and some heat protectors, we aided the RC group in the gift giving and dental / medical mission.

We brought only a few but we were all fulfilled as we extended our help to the less privileged.

Bizarre Fashion Accessories

jewelry flash drive
photo source:

botox bag
photo source:

To what extent can you be bold with your fashion statement? I can only go wild and wacky with my outfit but when I have to sport very strange fashion accessories, I may as well die with shame.

So, I can only be amazed with these very bizarre fashion accessories that you may want to try. How about a botox bag or you may want a spliced Barbie earring, pantyhose for men? Simply load the photo source site.

Are You Stylish?

You Are Super Stylish

You've got style, no doubt about it. You always look your best.

You are on top of trends, and you carefully pick what works for you.

You dress for the occasion, and you never wear anything inappropriate.

You only own the best clothing and accessories. You know how to make an impression.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Pick the Right Exercise Attire

I guess the answer to this question is simply very basic; whatever makes your exercise comfortable, then, any exercise outfit will do. I only wear jogging pants and big shirts for my running and taebo exercise and they suit me fine.

But, if you are exercise - conscious, then, you can search commercial racks for best exercise goodies.

I quite miss my running regimen that my bulges are becoming more pronounced than ever. If you too wish to know how to lose weight , then, you and I are among the weight - conscious individuals who need fast and sustainable help.

My very busy lifestyle makes morning jogs impossible, thus, I can only search for other means that I can regularly do.

For now, I wish to have new pair of running shoes and some sports clothes.

Overwhelming SOCCSKSARGEN Blog Fest 2010

We still have an overwhelming hangover from SOCCSKSARGEN Blog Fest 2010 and with the big success of this Region 12 bloggers' meet.

We had 9 speakers from across the Philippines and with some blogger - guests from Davao City. The entire venue was swarmed by newbie, seasoned and potential bloggers. The event was a total blast; we can only hope that next year, the blog fest will be grander and funner.

How to Remove Clothing Stains |

We all hate clothing stains and worse when we can't possibly get rid of them. I quite hate color transfer and when they stain colored ones, I can't only do anything else but drop the clothes as trash.

So, acting promptly and doing the most appropriate solution to stains can quite preserve our clothes.

I find this article on cloth stain removal technique very useful. You too may find interesting note.

Needing More Boutique Stocks

We have the stocks on storewide sale to make sure that old ones are kept from storage and give way to upcoming new stocks.

With all the bleak business months, we can only hope that December holidays be more business - friendly and fully make up for the losses.

So, in few months I shall be needing stock replenishment and how I wish our family vehicle can go on full - scale travel. It needs major repair but its possible repair expenses dread us already, so, I can only wish that we can make use of 5th wheel warranty for fast and assured RV repair.

For the meantime, I can only ride on public vehicles and travel with much inconvenience. I am only more relieved that other family members are there to help me with the stocks.

Kreativ Boutique on Thank - You Promo

We recently started the thank - you - and - holiday- greetings promo where we give out exciting prizes for items worth PHP 300.00 and above.

The promo shall run from December 13 until December 24 and we can only be more happy that our customers are not just glad with their purchased items but also happier with their little goodies.

So, visit our store and enjoy our storewide sale plus draw - lot of exciting prize.

Blog Shirts Overwhelm Key Bloggers

a fellow SOX blogger picking up her blog shirt

Google Philippines Ms. Aileen Apollo with blogger family on our SOX blog shirts

Sir Dale, an SEO Expert on his SOX Blog shirt pick

In the event of Blog Fest 2010, we initiated this Blog Shirt for a Cause project to help a fellow blogger. We had sold a few but remained insufficient from our target of 50 shirts on the spot.

But, when Ms. Aileen Apollo of Google Philippines wore her blog shirt along with family members with purchased SOX blog shirts, our blog shirts had made a remarkable attention that the entire SOX Bloggers are suggesting designs for blog shirt sale.

So, we shall start with our online store and draw mechanics for shipping. I am getting all excited for this project and this will mean more persons that we can help.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog Shirt Sale Signage

We are doing this selling of blog shirts to support the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers fund drive to help fellow bloggers and the community in their most demanding need.

But, to invite more buyers of the shirts, we wish to make a tarpaulin signage. I just don't know how can this be made but for one we shall be need a good outdoor lighting to make the designs and printing more accurate. I am pretty sure that if shirts are beautifully made, they can be sold at a reasonable rate.

We can only hope that the charity we are doing can indeed be a start for other community services. With this, the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers community is not just about fun but also about services.

The Outfit Test

Your Outfit Says You're Self-Assured

You are a confident person. You don't need a certain outfit to feel good about yourself.

You prefer to stay casual. You rather speak for yourself than have your clothes speak for you.

You are energetic and adventurous. You are up for anything, and you love being surprised.

You are often cheerful and optimistic. You approach life with curiosity and an open heart.

Your high end fashion designer match: Chloe

Your must have accessory: A funky red bag

New Blog Shirt Designs for Sale

PHP 300.00 for small/medium/large sizes
PHP 350.00 for XL/XXL sizes

PHP 300.00 for small/medium/large sizes
PHP 350.00 for XL/XXL sizes

PHP 300.00 for small/medium/large sizes
PHP 350.00 for XL/XXL sizes

PHP 300.00 for small/medium/large sizes
PHP 350.00 for XL/XXL sizes

These are the new blog shirt designs we had made as part of our Blog- shirt - for - a - cause drive to help fellow bloggers and the community in their most pressing need.

They can come in any color, so, just buzz us if you are interested. A minimal delivery fee can be made for out - of - town orders.

See other shirt designs here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best Fashion Apparel to Hide Bulges

Once again holidays are being blamed for sluggish days and gained weights. For one, family and other social gatherings are around during Christmas holidays and with all the lavish meals and treats, we can only splurge to a serving or two.

We can however, eliminate these extra pounds when you do hard work from exercise, go through fast but expensive works of cosmetic surgery or buy lipofuze as another wonder weight loss alternative.

But, if your weight - loss option does not show any pleasing result yet, you can try these basic tips to hide your extra bulges:

1. don't use too loose or too tight shirts/blouses/trousers as they make the body parts more pronounced.

2. Use appropriate color to hide the bulges, normally, printed or black shall do the trick.

3. Use appropriate accessories. If you have belly problems, don't use tight and big belts, but use necklace or small - size loose belts to cut the edges.

4. Employ styles that will rather boost your strengths but hide your flaws. Refrain from horizontal lines, shoes with straps, padded tops for flat chest and alike.

Signature Shoes Up for Half - Price Deals

These are few of the signature shoes we have in KREATIV BOUTIQUE and they are all on discounts up to 50% OFF. In this holiday season, we can only splurge ourselves some best buys as gifts.

These shoes are all authentic and brand new, so, buzz us.

Fashion Wish List and More

Most people love December because of the possible opportunities of family and friend reunions along with long vacation and big holiday bonuses. But, what makes December more fun is that a good number of commercial establishments sell excellent and superb products and services at cheaper rates.

For one, I specifically love the weekly deals from where I can actually have a new iPhone starting at around $6.0 with free shipping. Best of all, includes great offers for jewelry, accessories and more.

Now, I know where to direct my loved ones for best deals.

How to Take Care of Your Printed Shirts

If you are a tee person just like me, you may be quite concerned with prolonging your t-shirts' life and making sure that they still appear in their best form.

So, to prolong your shirt's life, you can follow these basic tips:

  1. Read the shirt's aftercare techniques in ironing and washing the shirt;
  2. Air dry your colored shirts but keep them from direct sunlight to protect their color;
  3. Depending on your shirt's print, take extra careful in washing and ironing the print;
  4. If you just acquired a newly printed shirt, it will do good on you and your shirt if you iron the print before washing to protect it from wrinkling or splitting.
  5. If your shirt shows any loose thread, button and alike, attend to it immediately to avoid further deterioration.

Blog Shirts and Thai Food Cooking Session

the SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS on our official blog shirts
photo source: Orman Manansala

The SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS Community had once again met and gathered for a very big event, the BLOG FEST 2010 come December 11.

So, to finalize and check for updates this coming Saturday, we had all gathered at the nice home of blogger Gay and taught us interesting Thai food, the Pad Thai and Papaya Salad.

We indeed had great time cooking, dining and chatting and simply ended up with nice photo shoot wearing our official blog text logo which we printed and sold starting at PHP 250.00.

I sport on a yellow dress with embossed print while my partner on blue shirt and the rest of bloggers on their white with wet look paint.

With the nice works we had done on the blog shirts, we shall be working on more orders.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Protect Your Makeup Goodies

Some women simply use loose powder to remove the extra oil on the face or hide unwanted blemishes. But, for others who want to look even better, they simply wear make up.

So, your make - up kit may include but not limited to lipstick, blush - on, mascara, eye and lip pencil, foundation and more.

Make sure too that your make - up products are safe, thus, read well the expiration dates of each product. Typically, products may have the following life span:

3 months
6 months
Eye Cream
6-12 months
1 year
1-2 years
Lipstick/Lip Pencils/Eye Pencils
2 years
Powders/Eye Shadow/Blush/Cream Blush

date span source:

But, how do we practically keep them to last longer. Place your make - up products in their protective holders. Clean them regularly and if the products like sponges or pencils are all dilapidated, replace them.

Protecting our stuffs are not only practical but also hygienic. Thus, when you need to attend to your personal belongings, properties, health issues including joint supplements like glucosamine chondroitin msm among others, get the right products and services that mean quality results. And, when we know how to prolong our precious belongings, we shall be getting more from our hard - earned money.

The Sunglasses Test

Your Sunglasses Say You're an Enigma

You are chic, bold, and mysterious.

You are larger than life and very sexy.

You need to be shaded from people who are dull and ordinary.

You feel sunniest when you're around fabulous, exciting people

How Your Favorite Outfit Tells What Kind of Girl You Are

What Your Red Outfit Means

You're bold and risk taking when it comes to style.

You are proud of who you are. It doesn't matter what others think.

A complete flirt, men are drawn to your confidence.

Designer match: Betsey Johnson

Signature accessory: A studded leather hobo bag

How to Look Good on Your Holiday Outfit

In this upcoming Christmas holidays, our store has been attending to the needs and demands of our clients who are looking for the right outfit to boost in their respective holiday parties.

But, how do we actually look good on any outfit that we desire. I can only cite the following practical tips:

1. Use the theme of your party. If this is an anime - inspired party, then, scout for interesting outfit from magazines or net resources.

2. Use the right skin tone for your outfit to boost your strengths but hide your flaws. You can read my previous article on right dress for your skin tone.

3. Depending on your outfit, there are practical tips to make sure that you will be an envy of everyone. For gown, you can read my tips here.

4. Use effective beauty regimen including acne treatments to boost more your confidence.

5. Have a positive perception of yourself.

6. Use appropriate accessories to highlight your outfit and strengths.

More Hongkong/Korean/Bangkok Apparel on Display

few of our Asian apparel

We got new stocks from Bangkok, Hongkong and Korea and we can only be prouder as we hold new elegant and chic designs with way too cheap prices.

So, perhaps this afternoon, we can get some pictures and post them in our Facebook account and blog more about the stocks we have.

We can only invite more of our customers to check the newly arrived stocks and use them for holiday getaways.

The thing with Asian apparel is that they come in cheap rates but they are too stylish, creative and fun to boost.

Blog Shirts for a Cause

We shall be holding a blog - shirt - for - a - cause drive to sell blog shirts to any interested buyer. And, since the Blog Fest Day shall be on December 11, we only have a meager time to prepare. I only hope that we can do more and sell more, so, our assistance to our fellow - blogger shall be big and more.

Although there are some designs that may not be available, we hope other designs can be sold.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Luring Again my Running Shoes

I am done with my week of vacation and while I am happy to have relaxed and enjoyed with my parents and younger sibling, the vacation however compelled me to eat more and miss my exercise.

Since semestral break I have been missing my jogging and taebo and with this, my bulges simply continue to bulge and lump more. Losing weights for older women is simply difficult. Women will just have to resort to fast - result alternatives including women diet pills and see miracles work.

I wish I can just do a 1 - 2 - 3 step to cut the bulges but as soon as I get home, I shall really look for my running shoes again and hit the running tracks once more.

Our Boutique on Storewide Sale

photo source:

In celebration of Christmas holidays, we join the rest of the establishments as they do their holiday sales.

So, we started with perfumes, bags, shoes, accessories and apparel with 5% to 50% off on all our stocks.

This shall be a good way to lure our old and new customers to rummage through our stocks as we replenish with the new ones.

With new purchases I have, we can only be more glad to see our customers with bags of stocks from us and to use our stuffs as personal gifts.

Costumes for Theme Holiday Parties

image source:

My sister recently joined an early company Christmas Party and unlike typical holiday parties, they were innovative enough to put on a costume party for everyone with the theme Anime to boost.

So, my sister was only brave and sexy with her sexy house helper costume. She even made it to the top 5 most captivating and interesting anime costumes but she lost it to someone who was lovely on her Cleopatra costumes.

I guess we can have the same fun at home and though it requires extra efforts to prepare, I guess the fun can be all worth it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Needing Family Service for Fashion Shopping

We are on our second day to search for stuffs to buy and sell in our boutique and though I found best buys because of cheap rates, we were too drained carrying the stuffs and traveling through public vehicles.

So, I quite wish that we have our own family service that we can use for fashion shopping to make the buying more comfortable. And, when this wish shall be realized, we shall make sure that we have quality car accessories including brake pads to boost.

For now, we can only endure and perhaps if sales get better, we can start pooling resources and save for the family service.

How to Take Care of Your Leather Belts

Belts are one of basic fashion accessories. While leather belts can be either cheap or expensive, we can only take care of our belts through the right storage and cleaning techniques.

One of the villains to leather failures is dryness. So, if the dryness goes through the inner core of the leather belt, the damage is irreversible. So, you can use leather coating frequently on highly humid areas especially in your working place otherwise 1 or 2 times a month shall do.

Here are other practical tips to make sure that your leather belts last longer than usual.

  • Hang your belt with the buckle on hook;
  • Clean any stain using a damp cloth and let it air dry;
  • Use leather cleaner and conditioner to maintain its brightness and softness;
  • Protect it from humidity and heat to keep it from mildew and dryness.

Royal Engagement Ring Leads to Ring Imitations

A replica of Kate Middleton's engagement ring from Natural Sapphire Company
photo source:

On Philippine national news, we can only be excited that our favorite royal Prince William of England had set their wedding dates. Of course, I can only be curious as to the details of their wedding preparations including the dazzling 18 - carat sapphire ring Prince William gave to fiancee, Kate Middleton.

And with this royal sensation, replicas come abound that search and orders worldwide for the same ring creation continues to rise.

The engagement ring was one of the rings of late Princess Diana and price value starts at $60,000 for the gems alone. So, with this pricey value, we can only go for cheaper replicas.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Practical Tips to Take Care of Your Handbags

Handbags are among the basic essentials of being a woman. In fact, women spend big investments on their bags more than their shoes and their apparel.

Personally, I only love to buy bags of all sorts from known names including Marc Jacobs handbags that I can only be willing to pay.

So, how do we practically take care of our valuable hand bags. I can only cite the following:

  • Protect your bags with the appropriate protector. For leather bags, there are protectors against sun and dust among other pollutants. So, for other type of bags, use the needed cleaner only;
  • Consider the weather before going out with your handbag;
  • Protect your handbag from extreme cold and heat as they become brittle;
  • Use bubble wrap or any dust bag to protect;
  • Wipe gently your bag from any spill like water, condiments, and others; Use the needed cleaning technique to further protect;
  • Keep the chains within your bag's compartment;
  • Protect your handbag from other bags when they need to be stored together. To avoid color transfer, use only the dust bag or other safe protectors.

Some Prefer Bangkok and Korean Fashion while . . .

Our boutique has been up and running since August and though most of the stocks are US brands, we mix them with Korean/Bangkok/Hongkong and other Asian stocks to meet the middle and low classes.

But, like most of our customers, I love Asian stocks because not only that they are cheap, they are way too creative in styles and colors.

So, most of the time, customers search for Asian stocks that we need to update our stocks regularly. But, in spite of the demand, we can't make good sale because traffic is quite rare in our place and that other stores offer more accessibility and variety.

We can only wish that the business state can get better especially that the holidays are coming.

Canceled Hongkong Shopping

We were supposed to do our vacation and shopping in Hongkong but for some unexpected family business events, we could only cancel our trip and just settle for local trip. We could have had nice vacation abroad, witness the culture first hand, and buy inexpensive stuffs for business and personal use.

But, perhaps next year, we can schedule a trip again and finally push through with the overseas travel. Perhaps, the kids and the rest of the family can join us, then, it will be more fun and exciting.

For now, we can only rely on our US stocks and local suppliers for our boutique varieties.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Boutique Needs More Lights

The boutique has been operating since late July and while we are the only stall operating along the old Infant's section, the boutique seems to stand out from the rest of the empty areas.

But, if we need to see closely, the boutique is dim from the outside. Thus, to lure more customers to come into the store, we need to have more lights and replace the dim ones including projector bulbs for better boost.

Customers are more encouraged to be in stores that are welcoming and bright and since traffic is quite bleak along our area, having potential customers in our store is already a blessed opportunity.

Perhaps, as soon as I get back from our family trip, I can do something about the boutique's lighting system.

How to Know Your Hat Size

Our XL cap from Pitbull sold at price range PHP 630.00 - 756.00
to see other caps sold, click here.

Buying hats or caps as fashion accessory, posterity and protection may require that you know your hat size. Fitting the hats can only be the most practical way but if you want to save time, knowing your hat size may save you from fitting one hat to another. Further, if you let someone buy the hat, then, sizing is indeed required.

You can get a tape measure to determine the circumference of your head. Measure it around the area just above your eye brows where the hat usually rest.

You can also use a string and check it with a ruler to confirm. But, even if a ruler is not visible, bringing a string and measuring it with the hat can be another option. If the hat is resizable, then, sizing is not required.

You can use a chart like the one I found from

Find Your Hat Size
Circumference (in)20 1/2 - 21 5/822 - 22 3/822 3/4 - 23 1/823 1/2 - 25
Hat Size6 1/2 - 6 7/87 - 7 1/87 1/4 - 7 3/87 1/2 - 8

How to Choose the Right Party Gowns

one of our party gowns up for 40% off

Choosing the right party gown may be a hard toil for most ladies but I can only think of these practical tips on how to choose the right party outfit that can accentuate your strengths.

Consider your budget. If this is your top most concern, then, you can go to local or/and online stores that offer discounts on party gowns. Our boutique for instance offers up to 40% off on Hollywood - style party gowns for everyone's taking.

Consider comfort and style. WHile some gowns may look good on your favorite celebrities, you have to consider if their outfits provide the needed comfort and delight. So, with your body structure, party theme and protocols, complement your gowns well.

Use appropriate accessories. With the right party gown, accentuate it even more with the right shoes, bag and other accessories. You can search online which accessories better fit for the styles you want.

Use party gowns that boost your strengths and hide your flaws. If you have large thighs or hips, then, find gowns that don't dwell or highlight your flaws. If you have flat chest, go for gowns with pads. Remember, party gowns must look good on you not the other way around.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Running Shoes Gone Wild

Since classes started in June, my jogging regimen has gone bad until I skip it everyday for a number of reasons. For one, I hate the bulging and mean calf I see on my leg that makes it appear manly and anti - feminine.

So, I wish I can just go back to taebo exercise and boxing to lose weights. Not that I just want to look good, I feel that I am sluggish and old with my increasing bulges.

If only I have enough resources, I might as well consider other weight - loss alternatives including diet pills like apidexin for faster and sustainable result.

Perhaps, I can just use weekends to go back to group exercise for more fun and achieved weight loss.

How to Find the Best Color Outfit for Your Skin Tone

Our boutique allows us to deal and transact with various types of clients. While there are very few and difficult customers, we have a number of good - paying customers.

Some customers are however with color of their outfits that we cant but give our own tips. Normally, black is a safe color for different sizes and skin tones.

But, how can we actually find the best color that can flatter our skin tone? We may be dark - tanned, medium - toned or pail - color, and we can only look for the right color to draw attention and praises from others.

While we can take time to do self - experiments and check what colors suit us better, we can also get feedbacks from others as to colors that can indeed flatter us.

Experts further recommend that we match the color based on our skin tone. If you have cool skin wherein the undertones are either pink or blue, the veins may appear blue and the best color shall be platinum or silver.

If you have warm skin where the undertones are yellow but the veins look green, gold color is preferred.

After identifying this, you further separate the skin tone between clear and muted. If your hair color is high contrast, then your skin tone is of clear type otherwise it is considered as muted.

From this knowledge, match now your color based on your skin tone seasons.

Asian and Africans normally have winter skin tone, cool and clear, and the best colors for them are all white, black, cool grays, navy blue, bright pink, dark red, jewel tones like emeralds, royal purple and blue. They have to avoid faded colors like brown, beige, gold or brown.

The blondes normally have summer skin which is both cool and muted and they are complemented with colors like pastel and muted colors like rose, lavender, light yellow and blue. Avoid dark and vivid colors like black, orange.

Warm and muted shall be be the Autumn skin and the best colors are caramel, gold, orange, dark olives. Avoid pale colors like pink, cool shades, black and white and other extreme bright colors.

Spring tones are warm and clear; If you have pale eyes, auburn hair, pale skin, then the best colors for you are peach, ivory, deep reds, bright green, brown and gold are among the best flatterers.

Anticipating our Boutique Plastic Bag

Our hang tag and with a customized text, now,
it shall be used for plastic bag

We have been anticipating our very own plastic bag with our own mark and this shall highly help promote our store to other potential customers.

Although we wanted to make use of paper bags to be more environment friendly, the manufacturing costs made us reconsider.

So, come tomorrow, we shall roll the bags for use.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pack the Right Clothes for Your Trip

We shall soon leave for a week of vacation to Manila come November 21 and while Manila is just another place in the Philippines, we are somehow confident of what the weather shall be in time of our vacation. So, to enjoy our vacation, we can only bring appropriate type and number clothes to make sure that the stay can be less uncomfortable.

So, if you or your loved ones are scheduled for an out – of – town – or - country trip, you can only make your trip more fun and practical, if you know the persisting weather in the new place.

My siblings and the rest of the family would want to travel abroad. And one on our travel wish list includes celebrity cruises for more excitement. We just have to start pooling resources to make sure that the vacation can be realized.
It quite helps when we have travel guides and advisories to any place we want to visit for a more safe, fun and secured vacation.

Cool Manny Pacquaio "PacMan" Novelty

Pacman freebies from blogger - banker, Orman Manansala in his 1st blogsary
photo source: Doc Remo

Today, people across the world watch the fight of pound - for - pound king, our fellow Filipino, a hero and public servant, Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio fights again for another boxing title against Margarito.

In the Philippines, crime rates decline during the boxing schedule of Pacman. This goes to say, everyone waits and wails for Pacman.

So, we can only be much prouder to sport on any Pacman novelty including t-shirts from his Novelty Store, Team Pacquaio.

We can only wait and watch for Pacman's fight and wail with excitement and pride again.

Why Most People Love Asian Apparel

Above are the stocks we recently acquired and I personally love Asian apparel since they are cool to the skin and easy to maintain.

But, more than that, most people love Asian apparel because they are stylish and cheap. In fact, our boutique sells more of this type of apparel than our USA and European clothes because of the price differences.

So, if you wan style, comfort and price all in one, go for Asian apparel.

Wanted Big Plus Apparel

Our USA brands had recently arrived and glad to see that most of the apparel are of big sizes. Since we started with our boutique, most of the apparel stocks on hand were for regular sizes only, meaning, they can only go for small to large – frame individuals.

There were only few individuals who searched for extra big sizes and although we wish to serve their needs, the stocks then simply would not fit.

I have been missing my morning jogs for over a month now and I simply have a reason or two to wake up early and hit the running tracks. And, with my bulges, I wish to just try other weight loss alternative the one that is best proven fat burner that can really do wonders.

It is quite difficult when we search for the right outfit especially if we begin to carry unwanted bulges all in different corners.

So, I am hopeful that the new stocks shall be appealing to our old and potential clients.

Elegant Bracelets/Bangles

I recently found these bangles that are quite appropriate for formal and casual occasions. As a lady, I can only search for elegant, unique and classic bracelets and accessories to complement my outfit for the day.

I am pretty sure that our customers shall welcome these new collections.

Protect Your Business Plus One More

In the recent statistics of people who invest for their life and business insurances, a very insignificant number hits the record since people don’t really worry or anticipate what can possibly happen in the future.

Insurances may be an added cost but we can never really foretell when they can come handy. For one, my parents took college educational insurance for me, so, my schooling could be less difficult. And, true enough, I had fully maximized my scholarship and somehow, my parents were able to concentrate more on my younger siblings.

I wish to insure our business to be more secured. So, if you wish to check for legitimate insurances and their prices, you can check for insurance quotes and get the best offer.

Perhaps, I can search for business insurances in the market and consider their insurance packages.

How to Take Care of Your Fashion Accessories

few of our fashion accessories on display for sale

Irregardless of how expensive or not your fashion accessories, it is equally important that you know how to take care of your precious and lovely boosts to make sure that they last as expected.

There are different ways how to take care of your accessories and depending on the materials (i.e gold, silver, brass or bronze), you can select the most appropriate commercial cleaner.

Normally, a soft cleaning cloth and/or lukewarm water and mild soap shall do the usual cleaning. Rule of thumb, protect your accessories from extreme chemical and/or pressure.