Friday, January 29, 2010

Wanted: Dresses for Parties

Our stocks of dresses have started to deplete since the time we got them late last year. Parties for the holidays breaks did rummage our stuffs but now that prom and graduation parties are also looming around, we do need more party dresses to replenish our stocks.

We sold two (2) sundress two days ago and our silk gowns are down to two. I wish to travel to cover the demand but since my kid and I don't feel well for a couple of days now, I am stuck here at home.

The weather does not help too particularly on my joint-muscle pains. I do take only ibuprofen  but it could only subside the aches. I remembered that when I was on my elementary years, I had several pain attacks. My physician before told my mom that I do have problems with  my bones that they are weak. Somehow, calcium intake and exercise help. But, still I got that  throbbing pains especially at night time on my back, knee and ankles and they sure make my sleep deprived.  A massage helps sooth the pain but as always, they are only temporary.

I heard there is a medicine for moderate to severe chronic pain. Perhaps, you have come across with the name, tramadol.  They come in different prices depending on the pharmacies that dispense them. But, actually compares prices and offers best deals for tramadol users. 

But, in my case, tramadol apap shall be the most likely medicine, since it is consisted of tramadol and acetaminophen suited for surgical pains, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. 

This medicine should only be taken with prescription since they can be habit - forming. Further, those who have history of drug addiction must not take this drug. It cannot be taken more than its prescribed dosage since it can be lethal. 

With my chronic pains, I know I must see my orthopedic already and check with him possible medications and interventions for my case. I just have to be more responsible of my health now especially that I am aging. 

I just have to ask my sister then, to buy the dresses for me again so we can still sell them while there are expected parties to attend to.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Worst and Best Dressed at 2010 Screen Actors Guild

The 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild was concluded last January 23, 2010. And, I won't miss checking how our Hollywood actors and actresses painted the red carpet with their nice and not-so-nice wardrobe.

Christina Applegate earned the highest praise with her very lovely frock although I like too the wardrobe Kate Hudson. On the far side, Joan Allen earned one of the lowest remark for her fancy dress.

The Screen Actors Guild is a labor union covering film and TV performers worldwide. The Guild is long been founded since 1933.

For this year, my personal fave Sandra Bullock had again won an award for her tilt in the Blindside.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Filipino Fashion Designer Praised for His Works

Oliver Tolentino who had just opened his fashion shop just about six months ago is now complimented for his classic and stylish works. The latest was the designs he made for some elite VIP's including 1978 Miss Universe Margaret Gardiner.  This really makes every Filipino proud of him.

But, Hollywood is just adored  by many that we can't help but look at the lifestyles, fashion styles, and even the worst of our favorites.  For some known artists, lifestyles may include expensive cars, mansions,  even discount cigar   and more.  

Filipinos are just talented that they make it to different parts of the world and simply excel in their  choice of profession. This alleviates the notion that Filipinos are just domestic helpers and a alike.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Worst and Best Dressed at 2010 Golden Globe Awards

From the recently concluded Golden Globe Awards night where my personal fave, Sandra Bullock and James Cameron took home the major awards, I could not but help how the celebrities highlighted the red carpet.

OMG gave their ratings although on some celebrities, I would disagree their ratings.   I personally like the outfits of Halle Berry, Taylor Lautner, and Glenn Close.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fashion Designers' List

Women are basically more vain in terms of fashion and health beauty. And,  if we get to have collection of apparel and accessories from known designers,  we can't but be elevated. Geez!!!!

For this reason, a number of imitated  works proliferate the market. But if you want to check from A-Z the names of renowned designers, then click here.

Skilled jobs are indeed for few people only. I love fashion but I never have the innate skill to design from scratch. Artists indeed went through painstaking ordeals just to achieve their present stature.

But, opportunities are there for those who seek them. My family in Wisconsin were able to search for the right jobs in Sacramento. I heard there are more  jobs in Philadelphia   waiting to be filled in.

They say that once the family are all settled in USA with permanent jobs, they will have our family for a tourist vacation. My kid is only excited and has been counting when this travel will be. LOL!

Impressive Fruit Art Collections

watermelon and pineapple cut to nice designs of a cake and a flower 

Sculpturing is quite a skill and to do it at least on fruits and ice is way quite impressive too. The pictures above are just too simple fruit arts.  But, wait until you see other images I was able to dig from the net.  Click on their links for more images.

ice dinosaurs and iguana during ice exhibit

photo source and more ice arts: ice sculpture presentation

The Paradise

photo source and more arts: fruit art

RTW Shopping for Us

My family members are bound to leave for Singapore this June and we indeed hope the boutique will be in place at the mall by then.

We hope that my other sister, Tammy and I can join them since the travel shall be a good avenue for some business tips and opportunities. I shall have the chance to buy some fashion accessories and nice RTW's  for the store.

My kid however, wanted to travel elsewhere  where there is Disneyland and his grandparents. This means, Hongkong and Wisconsin shall be two of our travel destinations. I heard one can have a nice  Orlando vacation  if real fun is needed.

With travel promos nowadays, traveling with loved ones becomes lighter. Once the family will be settled in Singapore, my kid and I and sister shall hit the road and have travel fun too! 

Red Clothing for Me, Feng Shui's for Good Luck!

I was never a believer of Feng Shui, a Chinese belief that positive energy can be brought in relationships, work, business or even in personal life. 

But, since the Chinese are known as good  merchants since time memorial. Their practice of Feng Shui has influenced a number especially us, Filipinos.  

I normally read my personality through  astrological and year signs since I was born under the year of snake. 

Since 2010 is the year of the tiger,  I have to be more cautious since snake and tiger are believed to be incompatible. You may say, I am indeed a lunatic for believing this crap. LOL!

But, what the heck, nothing is lost if things are not true anyway, so I might as well believe. For one, I have to start my week with Red colors and followed by green, yellow or maroon.  I have to get red or orange checkbook too for a better business year and my wallet has to be new and brown.

Now, that the business in the mall will soon start, I have to read the Feng Shui book again for some positive energy tips.   Geez, this will be a busy year for me. LOL!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Stalled Boutique

Until now, our boutique for the mall space is still on hold. Since the holiday season is over, the space that we are supposed to take in is still untouched, and so are the nine stalls. 

I could not get the nerve to start the construction when the buying time is less active.  This may compromise our monthly sales in spite of operational costs.   Sigh!!!! If only we started last December, we could have at least make use of the opportunity.

However, I have a more pressing need. I am not that confident with my business skills since I am more of an IT person than a businesswoman.  I wish to formally enroll to a business course even through  best online degree  for a more flexible arrangement.

I can only look upon the wisdom of the seasoned business people including my mom.   We hope there shall be more traffic to the target location for our boutique. This way, we won't compromise the investment. I can only keep my fingers crossed.

What's Your Fashion Style?

Your Fashion Style is Playful

You love fashion, but unlike most fashionable folks, you're no snob or label lover.

In fact, the thing you like most about fashion is being able to try on different looks. You're very eclectic.

You are the type to mix and match interesting items. You'll wear something designer with something discount. Or you'll sport something classic with something vintage.

You truly believe that fashion should be fun. And you're having a lot of fun breaking all of the rules.

Tshirt Printing for Us Again

My youngest sibling did tell us that they will soon have their Boy Scouts tshirt prints. We are only happy to accept the offer.

My youngest sister strangely join the Boy Scouts when her three other siblings joined the Girl Scouts before. She justified it by telling that there is more fun in Boy Scouts than its counterparts.

She is quite a tomboy but we know that she would just outgrow this. High school is indeed the time for endless fun and adventure. So, my parents are quite strict on her. We kinda spoiled her since she is our youngest. We practically buy anything for her and consider good services for her growth and health including proactiv reviews.

She is now graduating and plans to take a management course. This will be helpful since the family is into business.

Cool Fashion Statements from Best Movies

I like to dress up and watching movies give a lot of tips how to mix and match and how to make it less disastrous. LOL!

But, I won't miss knowing if my best movies really make it to the top ones for 2009. So here is 50 Biggest Movies for last year. Check if your fave movies are also appreciated by other viewers.

I do personally like The Proposal and New Moon but I missed seeing them in the top list!!!  Star Trek and Avatar are on the top options. 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Most Expensive Shoes and My Collection

My Bandolino

My So! Fab Gladiator

My LeDonne

My Bandolino Again - Navy Blue color

Manolo Blahnik, one of world's most expensive women shoes sold at 
photo source: Forbes

I am quite vain for shoes and bags. Gosh, I have more than a dozen of them of varying colors and styles and brands. I personally believe that shoes and bags are women's statement for confidence, personality and pride.  What  an opinion?! LOL!

But, I dont mind paying for something that will make me feel good. This include bags, shoes, watches,  or even  anti aging product.  

I quite believe that people can appreciate our looks only if we like what we see on the mirror. Otherwise, the statements of others may mean nil. 

So, when I did check for some fancy shoes, I can only be amazed how women can fall for these expensive footwear and want more. Even Imelda Marcos has 1200 pairs.

For complete most expensive collection, click Forbes.

Are You More Marilyn or Audrey?

You Are More Like Audrey Hepburn

You are classy, stylish, and charming. You are the true definition of grace.

Some people may think you're a pushover, but they have no idea how tough you can be.

You tend to draw people in with your mind. You are an intelligent and witty flirt.

You are effortlessly gorgeous and naturally appealing. No one would accuse you of trying too hard.

Fellow Blogger on Anniversary Shirt Print, Again!

Our good friend - blogger, Lainy just texted me to have a reprint of her old anniversary shirt. And, we were only too humbled to once again witness their affection for one another. Consequently, we did receive the task and do her bidding.

The old shirt prints did fade and this is only mean that it has been proudly worn several times. LOL!

Anyways, we are only happy for her that she and her prince are still going strong in spite of the  distance. 

Here  are the old shirts we did as their anniversary gifts. I only find these quite sweet!  Other pics were taken from Lainy when she featured their anniversary gifts.

Chinese New Year Fashion

Chinese New Year celebration in Chinatown, Boston

photo source: wikipedia

My sister and I did wander around Gaisano mall earlier after she checked her fashion exhibit stall and we were quite stricken with awe when we saw some Chinese New Year decors, gifts, dresses and some 201o Tiger figurines.

We did see a female Chinese dress on bright red. My sister, Tammy wanted to buy the top blouse doing away with the long skirt. Hahhahah!

Our family is conjured with Chinese and Spanish heritage.  For this reason, our eyes are quite unique. LOL!  

We do have slimmer built but not as small as the frames of some Chinese and Korean people. They can indeed be  a good inspiration to keep the weight stats at desirable scale.

Indeed, there are  weight loss success stories  that can be benchmarked with.  But just like any weight loss program, diet and exercise are major ingredients in sustaining desirable weights. 

Sigh!  The Chinese New Year is coming this February 14, I must find a nice and attractive fashion dress to bring me good fortune this 2010.

My Sister's Fashion Accessories

My sister, Tammy had pursued her selling of fashion accessories through a bazaar exhibit. I did not join her since I wish to pursue already the mall space construction. As soon as the papers gets ok, we will have the construction ready and going.

Although, the sales has been bleak now that the holiday season is over. People becomes tighter with budget as they consume their bonuses last holiday breaks.

We wish to continue our food business too but Tammy would like to have a resto-bar instead since she is up for parties and all. Hahahhaha!

We wish we can get things realized.

My Sister's Fashion Accessories

My sister, Tammy had pursued her selling of fashion accessories through a bazaar exhibit. I did not join her since I wish to pursue already the mall space construction. As soon as the papers gets ok, we will have the construction ready and going.

Although, the sales has been bleak now that the holiday season is over. People becomes tighter with budget as they consume their bonuses last holiday breaks.

We wish to continue our food business too but Tammy would like to have a resto-bar instead since she is up for parties and all. Hahahhaha!

We wish we can get things realized.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cool Super Heroes' Outfit

Iron Man

photo source: wikipedia

My kid and I are avid fans of superheroes from Marvel. These include Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Iron man, Superman, Dare Devil and others. 

But, what is typical among superheroes is their fancy outfits. I adore the bright colors  of Superman or Xmen. My kid has his collection of his fave movies that we simply don't get over with constant playing.

Although, the penchant for superheroes has been increasing, this goes to say that people are somehow tired with harsh reality that supernatural is opted for fun and temporary illusion.  

I wonder if aging process can be reversed like through hgh  that can do wonders for aging people like me. hahhaha!

This 2010, I can't wait to watch Iron Man 2, Green Lantern, and the third edition of Twilight Saga. 

Dinagyang Festival's Lovely Costumes

Dinagyang Festival Bannerl for 2010

photo source: Iloilo Govt Portal

January is a joyful month for some as they celebrate Black Nazarene in Manila and Sto. Nino or Infant Jesus in Aklan, Iloilo and other barangays that commemorate their fate with Jesus.

The province of Iloilo shall soon celebrate Dinagyang Festival and the city roads shall be swarmed by tourists again  from local and international origins. 

See 2009's Dinagyang Festival and you will surely enjoy this.

Our barangay Bula in Gensan City celebrates Sto. Nino day every third Sunday of January.  Viva Sto. Nino!

Clothes Getting Tighter !

The problem with holidays is that one can only enjoy party, dining and all. This is quite true for me since I spent more time eating while not doing much during the holiday breaks.   And my old wardrobes are now getting tighter that I do have hard time fitting through them.

I just felt sorry that I had relinquished my old bigger clothes thinking that my slim weight before will sustain. Gosh, now I have to buy bigger ones again. Sigh!

We were into jogging, biking and other adrenaline - rush sports like airsoft and badminton, but with limited time, I might as well consider other means through diet pill review   or surgery.  

In the recent article of Department of Health, Filipinos nowadays are getting heavier because of passive  lifestyle and fast food.   At this rate, I shall soon belong to this  depressing statistics.

Fashion at 2010 People's Choice Award

Just this January, Hollywood is again glorified by another acclaimed award tilt, the People's Choice Award. Wikipedia says, it is an awarding show that highlights the people and works of popular culture. It has been existing since 1975 and the winners are selected by the general public.

On its 36th anniversary, the winners of 2010 People's Choice Awards include Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Twilight Saga, Up and my other personal favorite. For complete list of nominees and winners, click here.

But, I am also excited to see the fashion  styles of all guests for this acclaimed award show.

Sandra Bullock with Ryan Reynolds at 2010 People's Choice Award for The Proposal

photo source: Celebrity Gossip net

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recreational Gears and More

My family is recreation - inclined. We did start with airsoft games where we did purchase some airsoft gears and units which include full uniform and accessories. 

We did try mountain biking, ziplining and hiking among other things.  Of course, the needed gears and outfit must go well with these recreations to at least be comfortable.

But, once in a while we do card and machine games may it be online or at a game house. The family in Wisconsin travels to Las Vegas just for some fun. And, if they wish to check which house is better for casino entertainment, they just check the reviews and and prevailing perks and bonuses.

But, I must say just like any recreation, some winnings can be based on hard work and pure luck. Consequently, there is  online slot machines rvm   for fun casino games.  The thing with online casino is that it can reach wider market and can include people who are simply to busy to leave their homes or offices. More importantly, you can replace your online buck for real money. Cool!

Internet has indeed motivated and required establishments to move their business online. This makes the business more competitive and interactive to clients worldwide.  

But, since Internet is uncontrolled by single individual or organization, security is always an issue. Thus, it is important that we check  which online casino site is legitimate and won't play us con. Thus, reviews and recommendations help. Somehow, a small amount of buck can check too whether the casino site is to be trusted  or to be  dismissed. 

Recreational fun is nice provided we don't compromise our work or our family time or resources.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Beautiful Ati-Atihan Costumes and Festivals

Ati-Atihan Costume on a Street Dance

photo source: Wikipedia

Just recently, Manila celebrated St. Nazareno's feast, the black Jesus, hailed by devotees for decades of faith and prayers.

But, for most cities and barangays that celebrate Sto. Nino's feast every Sunday of January or the Ati-Atihan Festival, the people give tribute to the little Jesus through colorful dances on black body paints and awe-capturing costumes.

Aklan, Philippines makes this as a tourist attraction that the city is definitely swarmed with people and black people on spirited mood.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Character Costumes and More

I am a huge fan of Walt Disney and the old time classics have been and shall remain my personal favorites. These  include Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and his friends, Bambi and more.

That is why, it has been my wish to go visit a Disneyland. In my other post, my sister and I wanted to travel to Singapore but one of my target countries is Hongkong.  Not only that it is nearer but also, it is a good spot for fashion shopping and family fun.

I heard the Disneyland is cool with exciting fills and there are  walt disney world hotels  to choose from.  My kid would be pretty excited once the travel plan is realized. I just have to pull in the needed resources. I hope we can travel this year. 

Kalilangan Tribe Costumes and Beauty of Gensan City

Kalilangan Ladies on a Tribe Costume

photo taken: Leonard Pe

In February, the city of General Santos shall celebrate Kalilangan.  The city gets festive with colorful street dances, bazaars and more.  This year, carrying banner is the image below.

photo source: Ganda Ever So Much

We were also invited to join the airsoft competition so, we pretty look forward to this local event.  For sure, tourist from different parts of the country shall witness this special event.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fashion Works of von Furstenberg and More

Do you know the popular  Belgian - American designer, Diane von F├╝rstenberg? She is quite known for her wrap dress. She was married to German Prince Egon of  Furstenberg when she was 18 years old. She has two children, Prince Alexander von Furstenberg and Princess Tatiana.  She later divorced Prince Egon after three years and in 2001 remarried to Barry Diller. Ms. Diane used the symbol DVF on  her fashion works and a number of critics and fanatics of fashion industry do value and appreciate her works.  Her iconic wrap dress was well valued because of the strength and feminism it brought considering her biography. 

I was able to dig a 2010 pre - spring runway collection through Youtube and some of the works are indeed interesting. 

But, what is more interesting about the family is the family foundation called The Diller - von Furstenberg Family Foundation, that they put in to do philanthropic services to some non - government units, communities and underprivileged areas.  

The foundation is managed by Alexander von Furstenberg  together with her mother, Diane, stepfather Barry Diller  and her sister Tatiana. 

Alexander von Furstenber acts as co-managing member and Chief Investment Officer of Arrow Capital Management, LLC focused on global equities.  He led the restructuring of  Diane von F├╝rstenberg Studio, LP that brought more than $200 million as revenues from $1 million annual earnings. Also, he serves as one of the directors in IAC, a US - based Internet conglomerate and a director too in W.P Stewart &  Co, Ltd, a Bermuda - based asset management company.

The foundation aims to impact the world by manifesting the family values of the Furstenber that it continues to bring forth opportunities and services in the areas of Community Building, Education, Human Rights, Arts, Health and the Environment. 

Truly the family is not only of royal blood but with strong sense of character of service and compassion for others.

Sister on Fashion Exhibit

Panoramic view of  Gaisano Mall Bazaar Exhibit

with sister Tammy during Robinson's Mall Exhibit

My sister Tammy during Gaisano Mall Exhibit

Since the exhibit organizer would not return the cash downpayment for the mall exhibit, my sister was forced to push through with it. Although, I may say the organizer had no ground to pursue since the agreed physical arrangement is different from the actual setup.  This only compelled me not to do business anymore with this organizer and just pursue the mall space leasing.

Tammy, my sister, would have to display her fashion accessories and wish that the sales will still be better off peak season.

We can only support her since we want her to do something revenue - making instead of just hanging around with friends. Good luck to her.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boutique Exhibit on Hold

We were supposed to join the mall exhibit for fashion accessories and apparel but for unsettling reason, we decided to turn it down.

The boutique however, in the old location becomes more bleak since we rarely go there in the morning and I still have to go to school in the afternoon. I must then, go check our mall leasing tomorrow to see updates for construction.

We did ask our family abroad to send the stuffs in time for Valentine and Graduation Days.

The holidays indeed made everyone frantic from business and vacation from  the city.

Our city shall soon celebrate Kalilangan and this will surely bring tourists here. I only wish sales will be better.

Beach Models

the beach cove

the family, the beach models indeed!

the sisters. which one is the prettiest?LOL!

In the recent celebration of new year, the family decided to go to  white - sand resort quite away from the city.

The resort was indeed heaven because of the fine sand, clear waters and nice amenities.  We could be even contained from picture taking. hahahhahah!

My other siblings were just excited from everything.  I did tell them that we would spend a night there once my other sibling will go back for holy week.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fashion Exhibit

My sister had decided to take one stall for her fashion accessories and she did invite me to join her to pay off the rent. I can however, place blouses and dresses in time for prom and graduation ceremonies.

Problem is I could not have enough stocks to display.  The old stocks were drained from previous exhibit although it did not earn much since competition was stiff and that the buying public preferred something else. 

I had to view some stocks from old pictures through the digital frame  or something to at least compare what can be saleable this 2010.

My sister will soon go out of town to buy her own stocks too. I can only ask her to buy stuffs for me. Perhaps, I can sell remaining stocks in the upcoming exhibit.

Beautiful Family and Friends!

the family jump shot at White Haven Resort, Glan

My siblings with new friends from 2009

fellow bloggers during our SOCX BLOGGERS PARTY

just having great time

my kid and nephew!

There is no other greatest time than the time with loved ones and friends. Cheers to 2010.

Our Beautiful City at Holidays

December 2009 had been a busy month for us. We did enjoy the evening exhibit and the parties every where. 

We are just grateful that General Santos City had been peaceful in 2009. New structures and establishments had been constructed and more shall be coming.  We wish that more of metal buildings  shall highlight the city in the coming years. 

The Robinson' s mall was just opened and SM shall soon follow. There shall be more schools to look forward to. 

I could  still remember the old Dadiangas where only vast open areas were visible and now, they are replaced by tall buildings and more. 

We, the generals can only wish for more for our beautiful city.

2010 Calendar of the Beautiful Plaza Heneral Santos

Our fellow blogger - photographer Leonard Pe got this shot of my personal fave General Santos Park. And now, it is featured at the local city's website as one of the shots for 2010 calendar. General Santos City has grown beautifully over the years. Thanks to the efforts of the local government and the private sector.

Happy new year everyone!

Happy New Year! myspace graphic comments
Happy New Year Graphic Comments