Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chinese New Year Fashion

Chinese New Year celebration in Chinatown, Boston

photo source: wikipedia

My sister and I did wander around Gaisano mall earlier after she checked her fashion exhibit stall and we were quite stricken with awe when we saw some Chinese New Year decors, gifts, dresses and some 201o Tiger figurines.

We did see a female Chinese dress on bright red. My sister, Tammy wanted to buy the top blouse doing away with the long skirt. Hahhahah!

Our family is conjured with Chinese and Spanish heritage.  For this reason, our eyes are quite unique. LOL!  

We do have slimmer built but not as small as the frames of some Chinese and Korean people. They can indeed be  a good inspiration to keep the weight stats at desirable scale.

Indeed, there are  weight loss success stories  that can be benchmarked with.  But just like any weight loss program, diet and exercise are major ingredients in sustaining desirable weights. 

Sigh!  The Chinese New Year is coming this February 14, I must find a nice and attractive fashion dress to bring me good fortune this 2010.