Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clothes Getting Tighter !

The problem with holidays is that one can only enjoy party, dining and all. This is quite true for me since I spent more time eating while not doing much during the holiday breaks.   And my old wardrobes are now getting tighter that I do have hard time fitting through them.

I just felt sorry that I had relinquished my old bigger clothes thinking that my slim weight before will sustain. Gosh, now I have to buy bigger ones again. Sigh!

We were into jogging, biking and other adrenaline - rush sports like airsoft and badminton, but with limited time, I might as well consider other means through diet pill review   or surgery.  

In the recent article of Department of Health, Filipinos nowadays are getting heavier because of passive  lifestyle and fast food.   At this rate, I shall soon belong to this  depressing statistics.