Thursday, January 14, 2010

Most Expensive Shoes and My Collection

My Bandolino

My So! Fab Gladiator

My LeDonne

My Bandolino Again - Navy Blue color

Manolo Blahnik, one of world's most expensive women shoes sold at 
photo source: Forbes

I am quite vain for shoes and bags. Gosh, I have more than a dozen of them of varying colors and styles and brands. I personally believe that shoes and bags are women's statement for confidence, personality and pride.  What  an opinion?! LOL!

But, I dont mind paying for something that will make me feel good. This include bags, shoes, watches,  or even  anti aging product.  

I quite believe that people can appreciate our looks only if we like what we see on the mirror. Otherwise, the statements of others may mean nil. 

So, when I did check for some fancy shoes, I can only be amazed how women can fall for these expensive footwear and want more. Even Imelda Marcos has 1200 pairs.

For complete most expensive collection, click Forbes.