Friday, January 15, 2010

Stalled Boutique

Until now, our boutique for the mall space is still on hold. Since the holiday season is over, the space that we are supposed to take in is still untouched, and so are the nine stalls. 

I could not get the nerve to start the construction when the buying time is less active.  This may compromise our monthly sales in spite of operational costs.   Sigh!!!! If only we started last December, we could have at least make use of the opportunity.

However, I have a more pressing need. I am not that confident with my business skills since I am more of an IT person than a businesswoman.  I wish to formally enroll to a business course even through  best online degree  for a more flexible arrangement.

I can only look upon the wisdom of the seasoned business people including my mom.   We hope there shall be more traffic to the target location for our boutique. This way, we won't compromise the investment. I can only keep my fingers crossed.