Friday, January 29, 2010

Wanted: Dresses for Parties

Our stocks of dresses have started to deplete since the time we got them late last year. Parties for the holidays breaks did rummage our stuffs but now that prom and graduation parties are also looming around, we do need more party dresses to replenish our stocks.

We sold two (2) sundress two days ago and our silk gowns are down to two. I wish to travel to cover the demand but since my kid and I don't feel well for a couple of days now, I am stuck here at home.

The weather does not help too particularly on my joint-muscle pains. I do take only ibuprofen  but it could only subside the aches. I remembered that when I was on my elementary years, I had several pain attacks. My physician before told my mom that I do have problems with  my bones that they are weak. Somehow, calcium intake and exercise help. But, still I got that  throbbing pains especially at night time on my back, knee and ankles and they sure make my sleep deprived.  A massage helps sooth the pain but as always, they are only temporary.

I heard there is a medicine for moderate to severe chronic pain. Perhaps, you have come across with the name, tramadol.  They come in different prices depending on the pharmacies that dispense them. But, actually compares prices and offers best deals for tramadol users. 

But, in my case, tramadol apap shall be the most likely medicine, since it is consisted of tramadol and acetaminophen suited for surgical pains, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. 

This medicine should only be taken with prescription since they can be habit - forming. Further, those who have history of drug addiction must not take this drug. It cannot be taken more than its prescribed dosage since it can be lethal. 

With my chronic pains, I know I must see my orthopedic already and check with him possible medications and interventions for my case. I just have to be more responsible of my health now especially that I am aging. 

I just have to ask my sister then, to buy the dresses for me again so we can still sell them while there are expected parties to attend to.