Thursday, February 18, 2010

Asean Fashion Industry

As a boutique owner, I have seen what people love to wear and wish to wear. And, whenever price is the issue, they simply know where to select good stuffs at modest prices.

This is quite the concern of us here in the Philippines where brand imitations and ukay-ukay are simply too many and informally legal. But, with a hard life in the country, these less pricey stuffs are preferred.

But, one cannot ignore the craftsmanship and beauty of the fashion apparel and accessories designed by Asean artists. No wonder even countries from the west take some lovely buffs from the east.

Thus, it is nice to know that on April 1 - 4, there shall be The Bangkok International Fashion Fair & Bangkok International Leather Fair 2010 (BIFF & BIL 2010) organized by the Department of Export Promotion, Ministry of Commerce of Thailand to encourage the rise of Thai and ASEAN fashion products in the global marketplace, especially in one of the world’s most vibrant fashion markets like Japan (source:

With skills, infrastructure and cheap labor, our Asean works are simply too beautiful to be ignored. It will do us good that this convention shall commence and that other Asean designers can be known too.

A hard life in most Asean countries compel us to migrate to other countries. But, with booming industries like in fashion, individuals get to have jobs with key employee insurance and good pays and other benefits.

I hope with the upcoming election, key industries in the Philippines shall do better.