Thursday, February 4, 2010

Big Fashion for Big People

My kid and nephew had their assignment about weights.  Their teacher required them to research on the heaviest living person and animals. So, we only felt obliged to search from the net.

Of course, elephant and  blue whales answered the  second question while for the living person, Manuel Uribe of Mexico filled the other question. His weight was recorded to be 597 kg that made him fixated to his bed in 2001 until 2006. He however, lost 400 pounds in 2008 and was able to become mobile again. In 2009, he was falsely considered dead.  

His clothes are expected to be customized and movements are really difficult.  Looking for big clothes is indeed hard especially for very obese people.   Not to mention too that there are  health - associated risks for this kind of problem.

Good thing that Manuel Uribe had lost weight through the help of his doctors and nutritionists.  He made a foundation in Mexico about educating against obesity and improper lifestyle. 

With vast numbers of fast foods and busy lifestyle, the number of weight problems simply increases. We can only redesign our way of life, diet, exercise, seek help  from the experts or read  from  to address this concern.

For my kid who is quite big for his age, most of his clothings are just handed over to his cousins since he wont fit in. He is quite cute but his weight does not.