Thursday, February 18, 2010

Conservative Fashionistas: The Teachers

Don't get me wrong, but I am a teacher and for eleven years and still counting. But, as part of the code of ethics for teachers, we are supposed to wear only decent and conventional fits that would depict a character of professionalism among other things.

But, I am one of the unorthodox in fashion. I quite believe that teachers should be presentable without looking like a geek nor a neighbor next door.

Should I be ban from school for this? Hahahahahh! I hope not but I am happier when I look and feel better. Somehow, it motivates students that teaching is a happy job that one can always be inspired to look forward to the next day. And with that feeling, one can be happy about mix and match of outfits.

Teaching is quite draining that I wish I can have more vacations like ski vacations to recharge my energy. So, come this summer, I shall be off for my long overdue vacation to Manila with my sister.

When I was a fulltime teacher, I wore my school uniform but sometimes, I don't like the pale colors that it could make my mood gloomy and dragging for teaching. LOL!

Whatever the job or career we pursue, it is imperative that we are happy with our work otherwise even the grandest outfit can't make the difference.