Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everyone's Fashion

It is quite difficult to search for fashion apparel and accessories for someone who has physical disability, temporary or otherwise.

When I got a sprained ankle, I had to wear elastic badges on my foot and could not even wear my usual shoes, not to mention, I had to work with crouches. LOL!

Further, when one is extremely big, apparel is quite a struggle to find. So, I commend establishments which at least offer, handicap - friendly facilities and apparel. At least, they make the disability less imposing.

I don't want to see my loved ones sick or at least feel uncomfortable.  So, when a very dear loved one - colleague who weighs quite big in spite of her age could not walk well without her cane, it made  us wish we can do more for her.  Further, she suffers from extreme rheumatoid arthritis that she watches over her diet. I wish to introduce to her  golimumab  to address her joint pains and make her retirement more relaxed.  Her clothings would have to be pre-made since there are no ready - made RTW's that will fit her weight and structure.

Just recently, I had to buy nice comfy sandals for my nephew since he has these nasty wounds on his foot that he finds it difficult to wear on footwear other than slippers.

So, I wish some stores can be sensitive to people who have special needs.