Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fashionable But . . .

After a three - day midterm exam,  I am back to regular work as a college teacher. This means I have to wear my usual casual attire, slacks and blouse and to sneak my wearing of pants during anything - attire - goes every Wednesday. LOL!

But, I have been restless with stress from work, business and personal life. Gosh, being an IT teacher is not at all easy. I have to work on some programming assignments and resources so I can teach well the topic. This mean draining my brain out. 

The aftermath of this is always the presence of unwanted pimples. I have to at least try acne home remedies  and my other medicine if they wont work to reduce the inflammation.

So, in spite of my fancy - day fit, I am all worried with the stuffs on my face. Sigh!  I can only rest well and relax more than I should.