Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding Fashion Apparel

We normally find party and formal gowns and accessories for parties and occasions normally held in February and March where students are enjoined to have their proms and graduation balls.


So, my sister did purchase new gowns to replenish the drained supplies.   To show off the stocks, I normally change our display window to color variants of gowns, dresses, and stuffs.


At least, the bypassers do check the stock and if we get lucky, we make sales too.


But, I hope that when I shall visit my sibling in her place, I can locate more good stuffs.  I can in her old place since  her new condo is still on process. City living is quite nice but the houses simply are pricey.  At least, one can check on their average costs and home insurance that can go with them. 


I can only hope for finding the best picks at lowest rates since buyers still consider price tags among other things. This economic recession really makes life in the Philippines harder.