Monday, February 15, 2010

Fit and Beautiful

Vanity seems common not only among women but also among men. But, how far can you go for beauty?  

With a lot of health issues, people tend to look for alternatives to fit their health into their lifestyle.  Ideally, it has be the other way around but with fast - pace lifestyle, even health is usually obscured with so many things like deadlines, pressures and alike.

Thus, the word detoxify is quite popular that food and beverages seem to carry this label as their flaunting banner.   

I know I have to exercise to at least improve my bone condition but how do I detoxify exactly? Whenever I can, I go back to jogging and mountain biking and when I am full, I drink tea. Do they work? I think so. 

So, other health - conscious people do consider body detoxification including colon cleanser  to at least keep them fit.  

People may say we overdo this health consciousness, but I pretty believe on the old adage, "Prevention is better than cure!"

So, am I vain? I don't really mind.